• Quito, Ecuador, in “The Land of Eternal Spring”

    Quito, Ecuador, in “The Land of Eternal Spring”

    Temperate climate, fascinating history and familiar currency appeal to American travelers and retirees

    This is the first in a two-part series about visiting Ecuador. South America was conjoined with Africa as part of the supercontinent…
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  • Aboard The Queen Mary II

    Aboard The Queen Mary II

    Double crossing the North Atlantic

    It all began because of my older brother Ed's desire to visit England being thwarted by his fear of flying. It is…
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  • Key Largo Day Dreamin’

    Key Largo Day Dreamin’

    Island vacation lets you play hide and seek with tropical fish

    Cruising along the Overseas Highway, the ride feels more like a nature trail than a roadway. Butterflies fly backward. Miniature deer bound…
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  • The B&Bs of Switzerland

    The B&Bs of Switzerland

    Historic and sophisticated cities are a delight

    The third of a three-part series No, not bed and breakfast. I"m talking about the Alpine country's two delightful cities–Basel and Bern.…
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  • Merveilleux Montreux

    Merveilleux Montreux

    An unsuspecting paradise in Switzerland

    The first in a three-part series Arrive in Montreux, Switzerland, and you might think you're on the French Riviera. Indeed, Montreux is…
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  • Pittsburgh: More Than Steeler Nation

    Pittsburgh: More Than Steeler Nation

    Cable cars, amazing risotto and art galleries are just a few of the city’s attractions

    Yes, Pittsburgh. Tell people you're going to Steeler Nation—other than for a football game—and you get one of two reactions: "Why?!" Or,…
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  • Mr. Jefferson’s Land

    Mr. Jefferson’s Land

    Charlottesville, Va., exudes Southern charm, especially in hospitality and dining

    It's not hard to see why so many University of Virginia alums stay in Charlottesville long after they've earned that coveted diploma.…
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  • Antarctic Voyage

    Antarctic Voyage

    Take a trip that’s far from the norm

    Can adventure and luxury be used to describe one trip? Not for typical travel destinations, but then again, Antarctica isn't an everyday…
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  • Lyon Lures Visitors with Cuisine

    Lyon Lures Visitors with Cuisine

    Haute cuisine and crystal waters

    When I first heard Lyon's claim as the gastronomic capital of France, I was wary. Surely, Paris held that title. Granted, Lyon…
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  • A Sweet Getaway

    A Sweet Getaway

    Enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury in Hershey

    It should come as no surprise that a family vacation to Hershey, Pa., will meet with an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the entire…
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  • A Fairy-Tale French Chateau

    A Fairy-Tale French Chateau

    An elegant stay includes modern conveniences

    Who hasn't had thoughts that in a previous life she was, if not a princess, perhaps a countess, a duchess, or, at…
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  • Beautiful Belize

    Beautiful Belize

    Ecotourism in Style

    Traveling the world with our family of six, I always expect the best but count it a blessing when things actually go…
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  • Cruise Fall Foliage

    Cruise Fall Foliage

    Pennsylvania residents enjoy discount along with autumn colors

    Pennsylvania residents have a reason to celebrate as MSC Cruises announces reduced rates through August 31  for its inaugural fall foliage cruises…
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  • Castle Country

    Castle Country

    Ireland off season

    Everyone loves to visit Ireland in summer, but to me, the dramatic fogs and winds of fall and winter best suit this…
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  • Best Bets are in Your Backyard

    Best Bets are in Your Backyard

    Treasure Trail Passport program ideal for family visits to Brandywine Valley hotspots

    Opt for a different kind of summer vacation -- one without crowded beaches or the nauseating scent of too much chlorine. Picture…
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  • Magico! San Miguel de Allende

    Magico! San Miguel de Allende

    Enjoy san miguel allende a beautiful town with market’s and restaurants

    Not that long ago, an artist friend implored, "Stacia, you must go to San Miguel de Allende. You belong there." She described…
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  • Thailand’s Many Faces

    Thailand’s Many Faces

    Phuket’s beaches and Bangkok’s bustle

    Suzanne and I had met on an Alaskan cruise the year before; our instant rapport consisted in part of our passion for…
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  • Luxury Brazil

    Luxury Brazil

    Bahia and Kiaroa

    I am getting a shiatsu massage while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and the songs of tropical birds. Except…
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