• Cruising Around Alaska

    Cruising Around Alaska

    A Luxury Adventure

    An Alaskan vacation seems to be on everyone's travel list these days. For those who prefer a luxurious experience, a trip aboard…
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  • One Wild Ride in Tanzania

    One Wild Ride in Tanzania

    Experiencing the joys of bouncing around Africa while on safari

    You'll forgive me if I still occasionally scan the trees outside my house looking for a leopard's tail swinging from a low-hanging…
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  • Kenya Bound

    Kenya Bound

    On a tailor-made luxury safari

    Even with good flight connections and business-class seats, the trip to Nairobi is pretty arduous. And there's an 8-hour time difference; you…
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  • Travel in Style

    Travel in Style

    Three NYC hotels with East Side elegance

    When planning your next weekend getaway to New York City, check out these three luxurious hotels, each of which offer a distinct…
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  • Idyllic Nantucket

    Idyllic Nantucket

    Surf ‘n charm make for a terrific vacation spot

    Where can you go where you'll find nary a traffic light, a fast food restaurant chain, or a neon sign? Where you…
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  • Visit Historic Fort Smith

    Visit Historic Fort Smith

    This Civil War fort and city is rooted in American history.

    Whether you happen to be in Arkansas or on a cross-country road trip, don't forget to check out the historic Fort Smith.…
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  • Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport

    Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport

    Enjoy 11 different Brandywine Valley attractions.

    If you need a summer getaway or even a nice staycation, the Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport Program provides the perfect opportunity. Presented…
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  • Charleston’s Southern Charm

    Charleston’s Southern Charm

    Makes you want to come back

    It doesn't take long to see what Rhett (as in Butler) meant when he told Scarlett (as in O'Hara) that he was…
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  • Vienna: Explore the Imperial Lifestyle

    Vienna: Explore the Imperial Lifestyle

    Let yourself get carried away by one of Europe’s most beautiful cities

    When I had the opportunity to join friends on a short trip to Vienna a year ago, I didn't hesitate. Of course…
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  • Immerse Yourself in Magical Kenya

    Immerse Yourself in Magical Kenya

    Culture, wildlife and a stunning landscape wait for you

    "The views were immensely wide. Everything that you saw made for greatness and freedom, and unequalled nobility." — Karen Blixen, "Out of…
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  • A Warm Welcome from Ottawa

    A Warm Welcome from Ottawa

    Food, flowers and festivals make for a tourists’ delight

    Every time I visit Canada, I have the feeling that I'm visiting an old friend. Though I've been fortunate enough to see…
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  • Stepping Back in Time in Everglades City

    Stepping Back in Time in Everglades City

    Everglades Rod and Gun Club enjoys well-earned reputation as a favorite of the rich and famous

    Travel down the west coast of Florida, past Naples and Marco Island until you can't go any farther. Pull into the sleepy…
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  • Spa Time in Scotland

    Spa Time in Scotland

    Indulgent delights await in one of the world’s most scenic countries

    If you think the Scots are a dour, frugal lot (an undeserved, or at least out-of date, reputation, in my experience), you…
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  • Revisiting Vietnam: Both Here and There

    Revisiting Vietnam: Both Here and There

    The wall in D.C. reminds us of sacrifice; a visit to Vietnam reveals a healing country that welcomes American tourists

    No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.— Richard…
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