• Homecoming, Hunt Cup and Hounds

    Homecoming, Hunt Cup and Hounds

    Reminiscing as the Tatnall School celebrates homecoming.

    Much like any day, I picked up my camera, and out the door I went. But Oct. 15 wasn't just any day—it…
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  • The Flavors of Kennett Square

    The Flavors of Kennett Square

    Summer brings with it the flavors of a local ice cream shop with Mexican flare and the World Equestrian Festival in Germany.

    It’s summer, and it’s been hot—too hot. If you’ve met me, you know that I hate the summer heat and the humidity.…
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  • Diner’s Club

    Diner’s Club

    There’s nothing like a great, unassuming breakfast spot to get you started in the morning.

    Every morning, I get up, tend to my dog, Thady, and head out my front door to feed me. Almost always, I’m…
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  • Finding Peace in Mourning

    Finding Peace in Mourning

    Remembering Frolic Weymouth and carrying forward his message of hope.

    The calendar says it’s spring, and it was certainly starting to look that way. Perhaps we’ve all been fooled. Nature still seems…
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  • Hurdling into Spring

    Hurdling into Spring

    From a new Cheshire huntsman to the first race of the season, spring is ushering in change.

    As bulbs push up from the soil and the occasional warm breeze of spring blows, my door opens a bit wider. The…
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  • The Rides of March

    The Rides of March

    Steeplechase season kicks off in the greater Brandywine Valley—and I couldn’t be more ready.

    My front door has been locked for a while. It’s just been too cold to open it. With March fading into April,…
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  • Uncovering the Brandywine Valley

    Uncovering the Brandywine Valley

    After traveling the world, discovering secrets in the surrounding hills brings me the most comfort.

    It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t have a passport. But that didn’t mean I didn’t travel. Before obtaining that coveted, compact blue…
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