• 7 Stylish Storage Solutions

    7 Stylish Storage Solutions

    Clear out the clutter and display your treasures.

    A cluttered space doesn’t always indicate a character flaw. Sometimes the mess happens because there’s no place to put things. Whether your…
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  • Extraordinary Electronics

    Extraordinary Electronics

    Gadgets to delight your inner geek.

    Not even Benjamin Franklin could’ve anticipated the long-term results of his kite-and-key experiment. What started with lightning in a jar has progressed…
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  • Antiques in the Garden

    Antiques in the Garden

    Renew your landscape with these seven vintage pieces.

    Renew your landscape with something old. A unique antique serves as a stunning focal point around which your garden design can flow.…
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  • Wood That Works

    Wood That Works

    Local craftsmen design pieces to fit your style and space.

    Maybe you can always get what you want—at least when it comes to home furnishings. Skilled woodworkers are able to tailor unique…
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  • Vinyl Making a Comeback

    Vinyl Making a Comeback

    Record Stores Like Grooves and Tubes Deliver the Goods

    Newspapers are shrinking, flip phones are disappearing, and vinyl records are back. Though they aren’t going to replace digital music, records are…
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  • The Elegant Table

    The Elegant Table

    Set the Stage for Special Occasions

    Autumn is the ideal time for layering—not just clothing, but table settings, too. For festive fall occasions, begin with a foundation of…
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  • When Raindrops Drip, Go Fashionably into the Fray

    Don’t let rainy days put a damper on spring! The right gear will keep you dry and stylish in anything from a drizzle to a downpour

    TORRENTSHELL For seriously wet weather, reach for the Patagonia® Torrentshell. Lightweight, packable, waterproof, and breathable, it's a terrific outer layer. [caption id="attachment_28034"…
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  • The Art of Framing

    The Art of Framing

    Custom Designs Contribute to Overall Artwork

    If you've ever wandered through a museum or gallery, perhaps you have noticed that you are drawn to a particular artist's work.…
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  • Curated Gifts

    Curated Gifts

    Shop a Museum Store for Holiday Treasures

    Escape the holiday madness by shopping at a museum gift shop. For traditional artwork, imaginative home decor, and everything in between, museum…
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  • Checking Your Baggage

    Packing Like a Pro

    Whether you are traveling for three nights or three weeks, preparing for a getaway or a big holiday vacation can be a…
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  • Warm & Cozy

    Warm & Cozy

    Defy that nip in the air

    ALPACA THROW Throw-- 76" long x 50" wide, $195 Ten Thousand Villages Wilmington Snuggle up under this warm…
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  • Swimmingly Good Swimwear

    Make a “stylish splash” on the beach scene!

    A swimsuit and cover-up is essential, whether you're headed to the islands, visiting the family beach house or lounging at the neighborhood…
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  • What’s Hot In Spring?

    What’s Hot In Spring?

    Color your life with a new handbag

    Fashion victims beware: Accessories, especially handbags, will be colorful this spring. So make sure you look for trendy eye-catchers to accompany your…
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  • Jemily Celebrates Your Beauty

    The new Idrissa collection extends a woman’s personality

    Jemily's new Idrissa collection certainly fulfills a woman's dream, since it is well known that diamonds are a girl's best friend. The…
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  • Spring Accessories Bloom With Color

    Enjoy the warm weather and look great doing it

    Wondering what to wear this summer? Embrace the bright. Neons, pinks, oranges, turquoise, and citron, a yellow with green tones, are the…
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  • Getting The Boot

    Getting The Boot

    Fur for all

    Fashion trumps function almost every time. But once in a while we find a trend that covers all the bases. We all…
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