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This winter, cozy comfort is the “in” look when it comes to all things fashionable. Whether it’s made of pure cashmere, a cashmere-like fabric, faux suede, wool, or a wool blend, the way to go when it comes to clothing and accessories is warm and inviting, from head to toe.

“From brimmed, wool newsboy caps to fuzzy UGG boots, its all about comfort with warm, cozy fabrics,” says Nancy Wahrhaftig, store manager of the Wilmington Country Store in Greenville, Del. “The long cardigan sweater or sweater coat is this winter’s ‘must-have” item and every outfit will build around it.”

Wahrhaftig says the sweater coat will be seen in beautiful blues and purples, as well as in heather and charcoal grays. These long cardigans will also be readily available in black, red, and camel. Wahrhaftig mentions that while long cardigans sweaters (as well as the more traditional cardigan that hits the waist) will be seen in these neutral colors, they will have a modern twist. “Accents like ruffles and oversized buttons will make the sweaters look new—soft and feminine,” she adds.

Accents like ruffles and oversized buttons will make the sweaters look new.

Continuing to make a statement this winter is the knit scarf. Long gone are the days when the knit scarf was strictly utilitarian, worn only outdoors, tucked into a coat to keep the neck warm against the elements. Now, the trend is to wear a warm, rich scarf indoors as well, as part of an overall look. “Scarves are the new turtleneck,” Wahrhaftig claims.

The warm and cozy textiles en vogue include boucle fabrics, usually created with yarns of three different but complementary colors. Boucle knits will also be seen in women’s sweaters, suit jackets, and skirts. “We’re seeing a return to styles that were big in the 1950s and “60s,” Wahrhaftig says, “and boucle is one of those returning trends.”

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