Susan Hanway Scott

Susan Hanway Scott loved studying history at Duke University many years ago, and enjoys learning about local history (and seeing gorgeous objects!) while writing the Hunt's antiques column. She considers herself quite fortunate to live between Longwood Gardens and Winterthur. When she's not writing or cooking Susan writes songs and plays guitar.

Susan Hanway Scott's Articles

  • Phoenixville Majolica

    Phoenixville Majolica

    The whimsical wares that took America by storm

    Majolica made transferware look staid. Majolica is fun. To quote the Majolica International Society, it is a "whimsical, humorous, richly sculpted, and…
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  • Whitesmithing


    Ironwork with a fancy twist

    What is a whitesmith? Look it up and you'll find some variant of: "tinsmith" and "a worker in iron who finishes or…
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  • Historic Transferware

    Historic Transferware

    Picturing America

    Imagine that your country lost a war a few decades ago, is about to lose another war to the same country; yet…
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  • Soup With Ceremony

    Soup With Ceremony

    Winterthur’s Tureens

    Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen! Who for such dainties would not stoop? Soup of the evening,…
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  • Native American Artifacts

    Native American Artifacts

    Wampum will cost you

    While Edward Hicks' naïve style painting Penn's Treaty with the Indians at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a treasure, it doesn't…
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  • Chester County Furniture

    Chester County Furniture

    Newport shells? Check. Shaker room? Got it. New York Classical chairs? Yes. The Philadelphia Museum of Art's (PMA) American Collections are not…
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  • Earthly Possessions

    Earthly Possessions

    A Benjamin Franklin scavenger hunt

    Finding Benjamin Franklin's possessions scattered around Philadelphia is like a scavenger hunt for the soul of the city and a fun way…
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  • Antique Homespun

    Antique Homespun

    All-purpose rural fabric to expensive eco-chic darling

    Antiques must be the sexiest form of recycling. "Patina" is the richness of age; we all love the warm glow of old…
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  • Dream Garden

    Dream Garden

    Philadelphia’s Tiffany treasure

    When visitors come, what do you take them to see? When a friend showed us  The Dream Garden in the Curtis Center…
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  • Early Philadelphia

    Early Philadelphia

    Portraiture from awkward to accomplished

    Gustavus Hesselius's 1732 portraits of two Delaware Indian Chiefs hang just steps away from John Singleton Copley's 1773 portrait of Mr. and…
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  • Pennsylvania Spice Boxes

    Pennsylvania Spice Boxes

    Cabinetmakers’ elaborate craft

    In medieval Europe, a pound of saffron cost the same as a horse. Spices were an economic force that carved ancient trade…
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  • Hooked


    America’s humble homemade rugs

    While wealthy colonists like Ben Franklin bought imported oriental rugs for their American homes, poorer and rural households were likely to make…
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  • Time to Collect

    Time to Collect

    Vintage wristwatches

    With so many beautiful new watches to choose from, why choose vintage? John DiDonato of Farfo's Vintage Watches in Franklin Lakes, N.J.…
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  • Pennsylvania Pewter

    Pennsylvania Pewter

    Silver’s poorer stepchild can now command high prices

    Don Herr chuckled when asked whether local antique pewter treasures are still to be found. "It's incredible the things I find out…
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  • Chester County Redware

    Chester County Redware

    Humble local clay became eventual treasure

    Chester County potters were often farmers who found clay in their land and made lemonade out of lemons. "He observed that a…
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