Steve Renzi

I have been a sports coach, photographer, teacher, sales clerk, ranch hand, and deliverer of lost airline luggage. Father of identical twin boys who eat a lot. I live in northern Delaware and Arizona. I like to write stories about people and places that no one notices or that have been forgotten. I love fire-red sunsets and big old trees.

Steve Renzi's Articles

  • WREX is Part of a Robotics Revolution

    WREX is Part of a Robotics Revolution

    Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children is pioneering technology for children with neurodevelopmental and musculoskeletal disorders.

    Growing up is tough enough. Now imagine being unable to lift your arms high enough to drink from a cup, throw a…
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  • The Original Iron Lady

    The Original Iron Lady

    Rebecca Lukens was America’s first female industrialist.

    Carefully preserved in the archives at the Hagley Museum & Library is a 14-page letter from a mother to her children. Handwritten…
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  • At One With Nature

    At One With Nature

    Kayaking the Brandywine

    My brother Jim and I lift the kayaks from atop his van and carry them over toward the Brandywine. To say that…
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  • Conestoga Wagons

    Conestoga Wagons

    They settled the west but were born in Pennsylvania

    Why do we drive on the righthand side of the road, unlike motorists in most other countries in the world? You can…
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