Stacia Friedman

Stacia Friedman is an award-winning freelance writer whose travel and lifestyle articles appear in national and regional magazines. She teaches at Temple University and offers writing workshops in the Philadelphia area. Follow Stacia' travel adventures at or visit


Stacia Friedman's Articles

  • Lyon Lures Visitors with Cuisine

    Lyon Lures Visitors with Cuisine

    Haute cuisine and crystal waters

    When I first heard Lyon's claim as the gastronomic capital of France, I was wary. Surely, Paris held that title. Granted, Lyon…
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  • Get Organized

    Get Organized

    De-Clutter Your Home

    Clutter is contagious. It starts innocently enough with a bank statement carelessly tossed on a coffee table, Christmas wrapping paper stuffed in…
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  • A Light Bulb Moment

    A Light Bulb Moment

    New Trends in Home Lighting

    Shopping for a new light fixture is like going into a bakery. You think you know what you want, but once inside,…
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  • Dogs With Class

    Dogs With Class

    Training pets and their owners

    Talk about separation anxiety! Maggie, a goldendoodle puppy, couldn't be left alone for a second. If her owners had to go out…
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  • Couture Kitchens

    Couture Kitchens

    Customization is key

    The all-white kitchen craze is fading. "White granite stains," says Katy Wolfington of Waterbury Kitchen & Bath in Kennett Square. "It isn't…
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  • Spa Baths

    Spa Baths

    Live it up in this once-utilitarian room

    The bathroom is where your house uses—and wastes—the most water. So why not start your energy efficiency program with your toilet? First,…
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  • A Shore Thing

    A Shore Thing

    How to choose a beach house

    Here's a recipe for the perfect summer cocktail: Take the worst winter in a hundred years, chase it with an extensive selection…
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  • Forever Green

    Forever Green

    Camden Friends Meeting House

    When members of Camden Friends Meeting House decided to renovate their house of worship, they had more than their building's 200-year history…
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  • Magico! San Miguel de Allende

    Magico! San Miguel de Allende

    Enjoy san miguel allende a beautiful town with market’s and restaurants

    Not that long ago, an artist friend implored, "Stacia, you must go to San Miguel de Allende. You belong there." She described…
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  • Winter Elegance

    Holiday décor to enjoy all winter long

    The kids are coming home from college. You're hosting a party for your husband's firm. Your parents are flying up from Boca.…
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  • Luxury Brazil

    Luxury Brazil

    Bahia and Kiaroa

    I am getting a shiatsu massage while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and the songs of tropical birds. Except…
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  • Quality — The New Bling

    Quality — The New Bling

    In uncertain times, buy for longevity

    Ask any designer about new trends in interior décor and you"ll hear one word: Quality. "My clients are moving away from unnecessary…
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  • Rooms For Your Garden

    Rooms For Your Garden

    Blurring the line from indoor to out

    There's something magical about an outdoor summer soirée. Sizzling steaks on a mesquite grill, flickering candles, the icy bite of champagne in…
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  • A Shore Thing

    A Shore Thing

    Environmentally sensitive beach houses

    Not that long ago, the Jersey shore was synonymous with quaint cottages, charming Victorians, and houses that would be out of place…
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  • The Dream Kitchen

    The Dream Kitchen

    Something old, something new…

    When interior designer Katy Wolfington purchased her 300-year-old Chester County farmhouse, it was a dream come true. "I was raised in Chester…
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