Sharon Hernes Silverman

Sharon Hernes Silverman has written about destinations from London to Hawaii, but her favorite place to cover is her native Pennsylvania. The author of Brandywine Valley: The Informed Traveler's Guide, four other guidebooks, and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, she was Maryland Magazine's "At the Inn" columnist for several years. Sharon received a Hawaii Visitors Bureau travel writing award for her Denver Post article about Niihau. Sharon is also a noted craft author, instructor, and crochet designer; her fourth crochet book will be published in early 2011. She lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Sharon Hernes Silverman's Articles

  • Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, Calif. is Worth the Trip

    Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, Calif. is Worth the Trip

    Created by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Romanza style home shines a light on the past.

    When oil heiress Aline Barnsdall decided to create a performing arts complex, complete with residences and a theater, she enlisted architect Frank…
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  • Frederick is a Perfect Getaway in Maryland

    Frederick is a Perfect Getaway in Maryland

    The charming town boasts shopping, dining, culture and easy access to nature.

    All of us around the breakfast table at 10 Clarke had come to Frederick for different reasons. A mother and daughter were…
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  • Experience Chicago by River Cruise

    Experience Chicago by River Cruise

    It’s the best way to experience the Windy City’s architecture.

    The best way to experience Chicago’s breathtaking architecture and dramatic skyline is on a Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise. A 90-minute tour…
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  • Tramp Art’s Humble Origins

    Tramp Art’s Humble Origins

    This woodworking style comes in all shapes in sizes, from boxes and frames to room dividers and tabletop decorations.

    Take some wooden cigar boxes and a penknife. Add creativity, carving skill, and the patience to plan and execute a project. Combine…
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  • 7 Stylish Storage Solutions

    7 Stylish Storage Solutions

    Clear out the clutter and display your treasures.

    A cluttered space doesn’t always indicate a character flaw. Sometimes the mess happens because there’s no place to put things. Whether your…
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  • Extraordinary Electronics

    Extraordinary Electronics

    Gadgets to delight your inner geek.

    Not even Benjamin Franklin could’ve anticipated the long-term results of his kite-and-key experiment. What started with lightning in a jar has progressed…
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  • Scrimshaw Snapshots

    Scrimshaw Snapshots

    Whaler’s creations provide valuable documentation of unique a way of life.

    Imagine a man sailing out of New Bedford or Nantucket on a whaling ship in the early 1800s. He can expect the…
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  • Art Deco Jewelry

    Art Deco Jewelry

    These early-20th-century pieces are highly prized.

    The period between World Wars I and II is known by several names: the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, the Machine Age.…
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  • Antiques in the Garden

    Antiques in the Garden

    Renew your landscape with these seven vintage pieces.

    Renew your landscape with something old. A unique antique serves as a stunning focal point around which your garden design can flow.…
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  • Photos From the Civil War

    Photos From the Civil War

    150 years later, images from our nation’s bloodiest war are still popular collectibles.

    Look into their eyes. Whether they are infantrymen or generals, teenagers or grandfathers, union supporters or confederate soldiers, their faces command our…
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  • Wood That Works

    Wood That Works

    Local craftsmen design pieces to fit your style and space.

    Maybe you can always get what you want—at least when it comes to home furnishings. Skilled woodworkers are able to tailor unique…
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  • The Elegant Table

    The Elegant Table

    Set the Stage for Special Occasions

    Autumn is the ideal time for layering—not just clothing, but table settings, too. For festive fall occasions, begin with a foundation of…
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  • When Raindrops Drip, Go Fashionably into the Fray

    Don’t let rainy days put a damper on spring! The right gear will keep you dry and stylish in anything from a drizzle to a downpour

    TORRENTSHELL For seriously wet weather, reach for the Patagonia® Torrentshell. Lightweight, packable, waterproof, and breathable, it's a terrific outer layer. [caption id="attachment_28034"…
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  • Curated Gifts

    Curated Gifts

    Shop a Museum Store for Holiday Treasures

    Escape the holiday madness by shopping at a museum gift shop. For traditional artwork, imaginative home decor, and everything in between, museum…
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  • Warm & Cozy

    Warm & Cozy

    Defy that nip in the air

    ALPACA THROW Throw-- 76" long x 50" wide, $195 Ten Thousand Villages Wilmington Snuggle up under this warm…
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  • Oil Things Bright & Beautiful

    Oil Things Bright & Beautiful

    Artisan olive oil comes to West Chester

    Foodies who flock to West Chester's abundant restaurants and gourmet shops now have another reason to celebrate. A Taste of Olive, located…
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  • True Fit

    True Fit

    Built-ins cabinetry unite form, function, and fashion

    Let's call it the "Law of Reduced Expectations." It describes what happens when you have to admit that no piece of mass-produced…
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