Roger Morris

Roger Morris writes about wine, food, and travel for about 20 publications and is author of the recently published The Brandywine Book of Food (Storm Coast Press, 2009). In addition to The Hunt, he contributes to Beverage Media, The Drinks Business (UK), Sommelier News, Saveur, Robb Report,, Wine Enthusiast, Appellation America, Drinks, Intermezzo, Santé, and Caviar Affair, among others.

Roger Morris's Articles

  • Buck Run Beef

    Buck Run Beef

    Bill and Helen Elkins have been cattle farming on a former King Ranch plot for almost 30 years.

    On a warm May morning, Bill Elkins walks slowly uphill through the lush, tall meadow grasses, disappearing into his herd of black cattle.…
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  • Cooking with Family Heirlooms

    Cooking with Family Heirlooms

    Holiday recipes are an important part of our cultural heritage

    As her friends and relatives will tell you, Andrea Finestrauss, who lives in Hockessin, loves food and loves to cook. and there…
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  • Grains & Greens

    Grains & Greens

    Adding texture to summer salads

    For decades, grains were very simple matters for us amateur cooks. Mostly, we encountered them after they were ground into various flours…
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  • Winter Soufflés

    Winter Soufflés

    Sweet and savory eruptions of flavors

    Having a large soufflé served at your table in winter is like welcoming a gourmet Vesuvius, almost glowing with heat and ready…
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  • Art Appreciation

    Art Appreciation

    Art & Antiques Have Become A Safe Haven

    Like most dealers in the world of fine art, antiques, and collectibles, H.L. "Skip" Chalfant believes a person should buy a painting…
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  • The Brandywine Shad

    The Brandywine Shad

    Can migratory fish once more make their way up the Brandywine’?

    Each spring, the American shad lays its eggs far upstream in a handful of rivers. Beginning at the Potomac, these rivers angle…
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  • Garden-to-Glass Drinks

    Here it is Friday afternoon, and I am shopping at the farmers? market in Kennett Square, one of several produce fairs in…
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  • Aboard The Queen Mary II

    Aboard The Queen Mary II

    Double crossing the North Atlantic

    It all began because of my older brother Ed's desire to visit England being thwarted by his fear of flying. It is…
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  • Soup Season

    Soup Season

    Mushrooms, seafood, root vegetables make tasty stock

    Chef Phil Pyle has this thing about not repeating menu items that he and Chef Brian Shaw prepare at Fair Hill Inn.…
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  • Summer’s Big Chills

    Summer’s Big Chills

    There’s always room for frozen treats

    What is it about frozen treats and chilly sweets that turn our willpower to mush and make our senses float with inspiration?…
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  • André Harvey Turns The Page

    André Harvey Turns The Page

    Sculpting A New Direcetion

    When you're young and uncertain, who knows when that day will come that suddenly shapes the rest of your life? And who…
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  • Boys in the Band

    Boys in the Band

    Advancing age can’t kill the beat

    Brad Galer plants his feet firmly apart like a linebacker anticipating the snap of the football, grabs the stage mike with his…
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  • Fox Hunt for Jake

    Fox Hunt for Jake

    Under sunny skies with the temperature hovering at freezing, more than 175 riders from 12 different hunts up and down the East…
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  • Doe Run Farm

    Doe Run Farm

    Serious source for local foodies

    Kristian Holbrook reaches down and playfully rubs the wool of one of his East Fresian sheep, one of a small herd grazing…
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  • The Luxe Look

    The Luxe Look

    Silver sparkles at the holidays

    Transform your next special evening into a memorable event with a rich color scheme of silver and white. Silver is both an…
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  • Inside The Camera

    Inside The Camera

    It’s a dog’s life for photographer Stacey Morgan

    Like the preacher's proverbial naughty son, Delta is being a very, very bad dog—not at all a cooperative model. His owner, Stacey…
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  • Barbecue Rising

    Barbecue Rising

    It’s gooey and delicious, and foodies can take it seriously

    For decades, barbecue was something sold out of tumbledown roadside stands lurking on the edges of small Southern towns. The wood smoke…
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  • The Gin Game

    The Gin Game

    Pennsylvania once was a hotbed of distilling; Bluecoat wants to bring that back

    Even though it's only 4:45 p.m., the after-five crowd has already begun drifting into the bar at Deep Blue restaurant in downtown…
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  • The Sitter & The Painter

    The Sitter & The Painter

    As the two form a bond, David Larned immortalizes his subject

    The session begins as tentatively as a first date. Teresa Fort stands expectantly on a small platform, dressed in a long, gray…
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  • Chocoluxurious!


    Chocolate is the affordable luxury

    Chocolate is one of the few luxury foods that can be savored either by itself or used as an ingredient in cooking.…
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