Roger Morris

Roger Morris writes about wine, food, and travel for about 20 publications and is author of the recently published The Brandywine Book of Food (Storm Coast Press, 2009). In addition to The Hunt, he contributes to Beverage Media, The Drinks Business (UK), Sommelier News, Saveur, Robb Report,, Wine Enthusiast, Appellation America, Drinks, Intermezzo, Santé, and Caviar Affair, among others.

Roger Morris's Articles

  • Collectible Dolls Tell a Cultural History

    Collectible Dolls Tell a Cultural History

    Fabrics and hairstyles are among their historical distinctions.

    Is it any wonder that many adults collect dolls? “They tell us a lot about the period when they were created,” says…
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  • Sojourning Across Sicily

    Sojourning Across Sicily

    The Italian region offers everything from history to island hopping.

    On the hour-long drive across western Sicily from the airport at Palermo to the old wine port of Marsala, the fields are…
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  • Giving Antique Objects a Second Chance

    Giving Antique Objects a Second Chance

    Salvaged architectural fragments can serve as modern design inspiration and focal points.

    It’s only natural to fall in love with an object that comes to us from another time. That rare Navajo rug, we…
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  • Presents for the Palate

    Presents for the Palate

    These culinary treats make for perfect stocking stuffers.

    Once upon a time, long before children could just text their lists to Santa, they would hang their stockings on the mantelpiece…
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  • When Flasks Were Hip

    When Flasks Were Hip

    The Roaring Twenties were the heyday of silver containers.

    During the first quarter of the last century, T. Coleman du Pont, former president of E.I. du Pont de Nemours, became a…
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  • The Allure of Old Books

    The Allure of Old Books

    Baldwin’s Book Barn in West Chester is among the stores that still thrives on print editions.

    Even in an age of Kindle and the explosion of online content, real books continue to fascinate us.  One reason: Books have…
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  • A Brandywine Valley Tour de Cuisine

    A Brandywine Valley Tour de Cuisine

    From chocolate to wine to cheese, the region has plenty gastronomic offerings.

    I recently took an exploratory tour of Hunt Country food purveyors, both to refresh my memory of their offerings and to do…
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  • Master of the Cellar

    Master of the Cellar

    Downingtown’s Don Cochran has helped design many wine cellars across the Brandywine Valley.

    Don Cochran. There’s an existential “chicken or the egg”-type question for anyone who wants a wine cellar:  Does…
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  • A Barn for all Reasons–Especially Parties

    A Barn for all Reasons–Especially Parties

    A West Chester firm is helping create rustic, multifunctional spaces across Chester County.

    “Be sure to bring your mud boots,” Jeannette Lindvig warned. And, indeed, it is raining, cold and gusty when I arrive at…
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  • Along the Scottish Highlands

    Along the Scottish Highlands

    From fishing to golfing to whisky tastings, the Livet Valley, along the Spey, has it all.

    Our small convoy of Arcos, those rugged take-you-anywhere ATVs, circles the rounded top of Cairn Liath. We've carefully threaded our way uphill…
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  • Returning to Sidesaddle in Kennett Square

    Returning to Sidesaddle in Kennett Square

    On March 27, Plantation Field will host this first-of-this-century event.

    More than most sports, riding to the hounds is all about tradition, speaking of a time of vast estates, gamekeepers, manor houses…
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  • The Worlds of Sarah McRae Morton

    The Worlds of Sarah McRae Morton

    A classically trained palette reinterprets the past.

    The painted images have a wind-raked quality to them, the colors saturated and vibrant, yet colors of the earth. Figures appear and…
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  • Antique Ice Tool Museum in West Chester

    Antique Ice Tool Museum in West Chester

    A place to honor one of America’s biggest 19th-century exports.

    Peter Stack has an interesting trivia question for you. If cotton was America’s biggest export product during the 1800s, what was second…
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  • The Holiday Duck Hunt

    The Holiday Duck Hunt

    Mother Nature provides the bounty.

    Thanksgiving dawns cold. There is no snow; the weakening storm of yesterday afternoon that once threatened has instead passed further inland on…
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  • Your Dream Home Awaits

    Your Dream Home Awaits

    10 tips from three local experts on crafting your custom house.

    For the past year, you’ve been poring over those glossy home magazines, clipping photos of every to-kill-for kitchen, dazzling living room, elegant…
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  • Food Truck Fare

    Food Truck Fare

    Mobile caterers provide food on the fly.

    Molly Johnson bakes pies. Serious pies, both sweet and savory. Bite into the personal-sized, flaky-crusted apple-cranberry variety, or a chicken curry with…
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