Nancy Menefee Jackson

Nancy Menefee Jackson is a writer and editor with a background in newspapers. A former copy editor for the Baltimore Sun, she has contributed articles to numerous publications, copy edited five books and edited a website. She has written extensively on health care, horses, homes and sports.

Nancy Menefee Jackson's Articles

  • Farrier & Photographer Juan Vidal

    Farrier & Photographer Juan Vidal

    Polo player knows horses

    As a farrier, Juan Vidal shoes horses; as a former professional polo player, he certainly can ride a horse. [caption id="attachment_17435" align="alignright"…
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  • Fine Dining at The Sheppard Mansion

    Fine Dining at The Sheppard Mansion

    New take on traditional cuisine pleases modern palates

    At the Sheppard Mansion, a full-service inn and restaurant in Hanover, Pa., a quiet culinary revolution is underway. Chef Andrew Little, who…
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  • Reshaping Landscapes

    Reshaping Landscapes

    New concrete product can be molded without forms

    A new product is revolutionizing everything from retaining walls to backyard water features to stone-flanked signs for a community. StoneMakers resembles traditional…
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  • Longtime Rider Stewards the Land

    Longtime Rider Stewards the Land

    Bunny Meister’s passion for hunting benefits the Brandywine

    Perhaps no one knows the Brandywine land quite the way Carl "Bunny" Meister Jr. does. A former champion steeplechase jockey, he's been…
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  • Five Fun, Fuel-Efficient Cars

    Five Fun, Fuel-Efficient Cars

    High mileage doesn’t have to lower a driver’s expectations

    You want to be environmentally responsible, and, let's face it, filling up the SUV just to run errands or commute to work…
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  • 100 Artists of the Brandywine Valley

    100 Artists of the Brandywine Valley

    New book illustrates region’s artistic traditions

    For years, as Catherine Quillman covered the local arts scene for the Philadelphia Inquirer, she found herself repeatedly describing the tradition of…
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  • Civil War’s Words Come to Life

    Civil War’s Words Come to Life

    Blog follows the war day by day while exhibit details its causes

    Long after they've died, their words still resonate, although the letters are faded and the newspapers yellowed. The…
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