Erica Salmon

Erica Salmon is a published book author and an accomplished fashion reporter. She follows the trends for media outlets like The Hunt, Pregnancy magazine, NBC, and She knows her fair share of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of couture and has covered everything from the Oscars to New York Fashion Week. She lives in New Jersey.


Erica Salmon's Articles

  • The New Nursery

    Bye-bye baby blues

    Babies will forever be cute, but the nurseries they inhabit have evolved beyond "cute." The current trend when planning for, decorating, and…
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  • Cozy Comfort

    Cozy Comfort

    This winter, cozy comfort is the "in" look when it comes to all things fashionable. Whether it's made of pure cashmere, a…
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  • Charm School


    The history of modern-day charms dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Known for her elaborate collection of jewels and…
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  • Fore Fashion

    Fore Fashion

    New fits, new fabrics for golfers

    Looking good on the golf course and playing well are no longer separate goals. With the popularity of “performance fabric” apparel, and…
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  • Purples Reign

    Purples Reign

    Spring-fresh linens

    Spring is when color returns to our lives. We use a brighter color palette when designing outdoor landscaping and indoor home interiors;…
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