Carol Sorgen

Carol Sorgen is a nationally recognized writer, editor, and public relations consultant. Her articles—on subjects as diverse as travel, health care, education, architecture, interior design, the arts, and business—appear in both print and on-line publications including WebMD, Today’s Diet & Nutrition,, Men’, The Washington Post, La Vie Claire, The Baltimore Sun, Chesapeake Home, Maryland Life to name just a few. She is the contributing editor for The Beacon Newspaper Group, monthly newspapers targeting readers 50+ in the greater Washington/Baltimore area, for which she writes on travel, the arts, health care, and personality profiles. She is also the executive editor of the Internet-based travel publication,, managing editor of and, and the travel columnist for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. In addition, Carol has also authored, contributed to, and edited a number of books on health care, the arts, business, and travel, including The Travel Writers’ Guide to Their Favorite On-Line Travel Sites.

Carol's extensive editorial and public relations experience also includes positions with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, GEICO Insurance Company, the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol Information, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and the Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.

Carol received a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from American University in Washington, DC, and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University. She is a member of Who's Who in American Women and Who's Who in the Media.

Carol Sorgen's Articles

  • Meet Delaware Dog Breeder Joan Scott

    Meet Delaware Dog Breeder Joan Scott

    Over the years, she’s raised Dobermans, Chihuahuas and Poodles.

    When Joan Scott bought a Doberman Pinscher 60 years ago to protect her family, she didn’t realize her life would to go…
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  • A Jaunt Through the Cotswolds

    A Jaunt Through the Cotswolds

    The rolling countryside is quintessentially English.

    You could spend a week, a month or even longer in the Cotswolds, that magical piece of England that devotees of British…
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  • Idyllic Nantucket

    Idyllic Nantucket

    Surf ‘n charm make for a terrific vacation spot

    Where can you go where you'll find nary a traffic light, a fast food restaurant chain, or a neon sign? Where you…
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  • Charleston’s Southern Charm

    Charleston’s Southern Charm

    Makes you want to come back

    It doesn't take long to see what Rhett (as in Butler) meant when he told Scarlett (as in O'Hara) that he was…
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  • A Warm Welcome from Ottawa

    A Warm Welcome from Ottawa

    Food, flowers and festivals make for a tourists’ delight

    Every time I visit Canada, I have the feeling that I'm visiting an old friend. Though I've been fortunate enough to see…
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  • Spa Time in Scotland

    Spa Time in Scotland

    Indulgent delights await in one of the world’s most scenic countries

    If you think the Scots are a dour, frugal lot (an undeserved, or at least out-of date, reputation, in my experience), you…
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  • The B&Bs of Switzerland

    The B&Bs of Switzerland

    Historic and sophisticated cities are a delight

    The third of a three-part series No, not bed and breakfast. I"m talking about the Alpine country's two delightful cities–Basel and Bern.…
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  • Merveilleux Montreux

    Merveilleux Montreux

    An unsuspecting paradise in Switzerland

    The first in a three-part series Arrive in Montreux, Switzerland, and you might think you're on the French Riviera. Indeed, Montreux is…
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  • Pittsburgh: More Than Steeler Nation

    Pittsburgh: More Than Steeler Nation

    Cable cars, amazing risotto and art galleries are just a few of the city’s attractions

    Yes, Pittsburgh. Tell people you're going to Steeler Nation—other than for a football game—and you get one of two reactions: "Why?!" Or,…
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  • Mr. Jefferson’s Land

    Mr. Jefferson’s Land

    Charlottesville, Va., exudes Southern charm, especially in hospitality and dining

    It's not hard to see why so many University of Virginia alums stay in Charlottesville long after they've earned that coveted diploma.…
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  • A Sweet Getaway

    A Sweet Getaway

    Enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury in Hershey

    It should come as no surprise that a family vacation to Hershey, Pa., will meet with an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the entire…
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  • A Fairy-Tale French Chateau

    A Fairy-Tale French Chateau

    An elegant stay includes modern conveniences

    Who hasn't had thoughts that in a previous life she was, if not a princess, perhaps a countess, a duchess, or, at…
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  • A Growing Arts Scene

    A Growing Arts Scene

    Galleries, restaurants, music paint a vibrant picture in Lancaster

    Lancaster, Pa., is justifiably famous for its picturesque countryside, its Amish farms, its Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, and more. But this quaint –…
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