Bill Kent

Bill Kent is an award-winning novelist, journalist and Hunt Magazine contributor who lives in Wynnewood, Pa. His book, music, and theater reviews have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer. He lectures in history and biography and teaches novelwriting at Temple University.

Bill Kent's Articles

  • Herr Foods Has Faith in the Potato Chip

    Herr Foods Has Faith in the Potato Chip

    For 65 years, family-owned business has been making snacks

    On a clear day in Nottingham Township you can smell potatoes sizzling in oil. Well over 110,000 people arrive each year by…
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  • Pennsylvania’s Mary Cassatt

    Pennsylvania’s Mary Cassatt

    America’s first Impressionist

    While America has produced hundreds of internationally acclaimed artists, none have approached the achievement of Mary Cassatt, who was accepted as an…
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  • A Living Museum

    A Living Museum

    A tour of the Brandywine Valley’s oldest trees

    The London Grove Oak stands in front of a Quaker meeting house about two miles west of Route 1, where the West…
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  • The Union Fair & Farm Show

    The Union Fair & Farm Show

    Teaching kids the importance of agriculture

    A Unionville high school agriculture teacher, John Corman, launched the Unionville Fair and Farm Show in 1924. Back then, the entire event…
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  • Cheep Trick

    Cheep Trick

    Tri-State Bird rescues thousands of feathery friends

    If you see a penny on the ground, pick it up. Last year, Dr. Erica Miller removed pennies, nickels, fish hooks, fishing…
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