Betty Mackey

Betty Mackey lives and gardens in Wayne, Pa. she is also a writer, lecturer, photographer, and small press publisher. Her work has appeared in Organic Gardening, Green Scene, and other popular garden magazines. She is a book author whose main titles are The Gardener’s Home Companion, Cutting Gardens, and Gardening Made Easy. Betty started her independent press, B.B. Mackey Books, to provide books on regional garden topics and specialized horticultural subjects and publishes the work of several well-known garden writers.


Betty Mackey's Articles

  • Spectacular Cyclamen

    Spectacular Cyclamen

    Providing holiday cheer

    Nothing against poinsettias, but for holiday elegance, give me fragrant florists' cyclamen. Lusciously flowering in fruity shades of pink, cherry red, purple,…
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  • Harvest Time Again

    Harvest Time Again

    Community-supported agriculture

    People are going back to the basics—directly to the farm to get the experience of interacting with the land—not to mention getting…
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  • Warm From The Sun

    Warm From The Sun

    Heritage tomatoes

    Look to multi-colored heritage tomatoes for a bright explosion of color and taste. Fire-engine red is just one option. From varieties so…
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  • What Is So Rare As A Day In June?

    What Is So Rare As A Day In June?

    Plant connoisseurs debate at auction

    The name "Rare Plant Auction®" is a registered trademark and no organization but the Delaware Center for Horticulture (DCH) is permitted to…
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  • The Mossy Greensward

    The Mossy Greensward

    Lawns don’t have to be grassy

    Shade, deep shade, surrounds my house. It is pointless to battle this situation and try to grow a traditional sun-loving bluegrass lawn…
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  • Solar Power For The Garden

    Solar Power For The Garden

    Sunflowers always delight

    The natural response to a sunflower is a smile. We can't resist their open faces and warm colors. A stand of sunflowers…
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