Betty Mackey

Betty Mackey lives and gardens in Wayne, Pa. she is also a writer, lecturer, photographer, and small press publisher. Her work has appeared in Organic Gardening, Green Scene, and other popular garden magazines. She is a book author whose main titles are The Gardener’s Home Companion, Cutting Gardens, and Gardening Made Easy. Betty started her independent press, B.B. Mackey Books, to provide books on regional garden topics and specialized horticultural subjects and publishes the work of several well-known garden writers.


Betty Mackey's Articles

  • How to Make Evergreen Garden Boughs

    How to Make Evergreen Garden Boughs

    Your backyard has everything you need to fill containers.

    In spring, it’s fun to pick big bouquets of blooming shrubs and flowering bulbs, but winter also has such opportunities. You can…
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  • How to Embrace Moss in the Garden

    How to Embrace Moss in the Garden

    A bryophyte, moss is an ancient, primitive plant that doesn’t have roots, anchoring itself to preferred surfaces.

    Velvety green moss is a calming element in a garden. Deer don’t eat it. It needs no mowing. It looks right with…
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  • 6 Gardening Books to Read This Winter

    6 Gardening Books to Read This Winter

    These books will give you plenty of ideas for spring.

    The creation of a good garden book takes experience, science, imagination, esthetics and organized development. Good photos and an expensive color printing…
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  • Stylish Easy-Care Plants for the Garden

    Stylish Easy-Care Plants for the Garden

    Cute and compact, these plants will thrive in the summer.

    If you need help as your garden pumps up into rangy summer growth, you’re not alone. That’s why there’s a trend toward…
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  • Crafting the Perfect Garden with Rocks

    Crafting the Perfect Garden with Rocks

    These natural touches add an extra level.

    Sculptor Karin Stanley works with large stones, shaping them in ways that resonate with sun, shadow and the rest of nature before…
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  • Attracting Hummingbirds

    Attracting Hummingbirds

    Try one of these plants to attract beautiful avians this summer.

    Last summer, I was working in my garden when a ruby-throated hummingbird interrupted his rounds and hovered a few inches in front…
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  • Supermodel Perennials

    Supermodel Perennials

    This spring, add a touch of glamour to your garden with these gorgeous blooms.

    Hardy sunflowers and hibiscus, garden phlox, peonies, Japanese anemones and helenium are good bets. Non-hardy flowers such as dahlias, gladiolas and canna…
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  • Classic Clivias

    Classic Clivias

    Reinvent your winter garden with these big, bright flower clusters.

    Dramatic clivias, with their big, bright flower clusters, are popular indoor plants in the Mid-Atlantic region. Originally discovered in the warm climate of…
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  • Showy Sedums and Succulents

    Showy Sedums and Succulents

    Easy-care color for the late season.

    From the rocky parts of the world, where they have strong winds and thin soil, we get tough and colorful plants with rosettes…
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  • Crazy for Petunias

    Crazy for Petunias

    Make your garden come alive with these sturdy annuals.

    Georgia O’Keeffe liked the silky purple petunia blossoms in her garden and painted them in 1924, saying, “I decided that if I could…
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  • Delaware Valley Wildflowers

    Delaware Valley Wildflowers

    Native flowering plants shine in the spring.

    In spring, at least for a while, strong sunlight reaches the ground in the shady deciduous woodlands of the Delaware Valley. The…
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  • More Blueberries, Please

    More Blueberries, Please

    Beautiful, yummy and healthy

    I have been adding blueberry bushes to my home landscape. There they sit among the other hardy shrubs, neat and pretty with…
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  • Splendor In A Pot

    Splendor In A Pot

    Sweet potato vines

    This spring, keep sweet potatoes in mind as you plant your container garden. Leafy and ornamental, those purple, chartreuse, or bronze colored…
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  • A Rich and Purple Summer

    A Rich and Purple Summer

    A dramatic color for flowers and vegetables

    The blizzards of early 2010 were a pain, so I think I"ll give myself a rich, warm treat this summer. A garden…
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  • Tulip Time

    Tulip Time

    Nothing says spring like this Dutch treat.

    A silky, colorful tulip says spring in an unmistakable manner. It is a hard flower to beat, although it is a favorite…
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