• A Gateway to Refinement

    A Gateway to Refinement

    Originally a security measure, gates today are often valued most for their aesthetic charm. They turn heads as they turn away unwelcome…
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  • Contractor Receives Award

    Contractor Receives Award

    Rustic kitchen redo earns top honors for HomeTech Renovations

    A kitchen renovation valued at more than $120,000 earned top honors for HomeTech Renovations Inc. of Fort Washington in the annual Contractor…
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  • Style in a Box

    Style in a Box

    Winterthur launches unique interior design service

    Winterthur announces the launch of StyleBox, a personalized interior design plan for any home, presented in a beautiful, easy-to-use box. This alternative…
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  • A Light Bulb Moment

    A Light Bulb Moment

    New Trends in Home Lighting

    Shopping for a new light fixture is like going into a bakery. You think you know what you want, but once inside,…
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  • True Fit

    True Fit

    Built-ins cabinetry unite form, function, and fashion

    Let's call it the "Law of Reduced Expectations." It describes what happens when you have to admit that no piece of mass-produced…
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  • 2010 Cottage & Town Awards

    2010 Cottage & Town Awards

    Downtown Rehoboth Beach promotes quality building, renovation

    Downtown Rehoboth Beach Main Street is hosting its 14th annual Cottage and Town Awards to celebrate the renovation and preservation of Rehoboth…
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  • Couture Kitchens

    Couture Kitchens

    Customization is key

    The all-white kitchen craze is fading. "White granite stains," says Katy Wolfington of Waterbury Kitchen & Bath in Kennett Square. "It isn't…
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  • A Rich and Purple Summer

    A Rich and Purple Summer

    A dramatic color for flowers and vegetables

    The blizzards of early 2010 were a pain, so I think I"ll give myself a rich, warm treat this summer. A garden…
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  • A Shore Thing

    A Shore Thing

    How to choose a beach house

    Here's a recipe for the perfect summer cocktail: Take the worst winter in a hundred years, chase it with an extensive selection…
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  • Living Large

    Living Large

    An architect takes us inside one family’s new home

    Blending old and new styles to form a space that effortlessly suits your lifestyle starts with a frank talk about what your…
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  • Tulip Time

    Tulip Time

    Nothing says spring like this Dutch treat.

    A silky, colorful tulip says spring in an unmistakable manner. It is a hard flower to beat, although it is a favorite…
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  • Forever Green

    Forever Green

    Camden Friends Meeting House

    When members of Camden Friends Meeting House decided to renovate their house of worship, they had more than their building's 200-year history…
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  • A Bountiful Harvest

    A Bountiful Harvest

    Tyler Arboretum’s Demonstration Garden showcases ground-breaking techniques

    This season, there are more than just trees at Tyler Arboretum. The new Vegetable Demonstration Garden is not only cultivating organically grown…
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  • Spectacular Cyclamen

    Spectacular Cyclamen

    Providing holiday cheer

    Nothing against poinsettias, but for holiday elegance, give me fragrant florists' cyclamen. Lusciously flowering in fruity shades of pink, cherry red, purple,…
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  • Winter Elegance

    Holiday décor to enjoy all winter long

    The kids are coming home from college. You're hosting a party for your husband's firm. Your parents are flying up from Boca.…
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  • Quality — The New Bling

    Quality — The New Bling

    In uncertain times, buy for longevity

    Ask any designer about new trends in interior décor and you"ll hear one word: Quality. "My clients are moving away from unnecessary…
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  • Harvest Time Again

    Harvest Time Again

    Community-supported agriculture

    People are going back to the basics—directly to the farm to get the experience of interacting with the land—not to mention getting…
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  • Rooms For Your Garden

    Rooms For Your Garden

    Blurring the line from indoor to out

    There's something magical about an outdoor summer soirée. Sizzling steaks on a mesquite grill, flickering candles, the icy bite of champagne in…
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