• Literary Lairs

    Literary Lairs

    Libraries at the heart of the home

    It was the standard wedding gift for du Pont newlyweds in the early 20th century. Each couple was given a sweeping country…
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  • Garden Accents Let Your Personality Blossom

    Garden Accents Let Your Personality Blossom

    Put your personality in your garden with garden accents

    How do you incorporate your personality into your garden? With garden accents. These ornaments give your garden a unique statement that your…
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  • Lavender’s Wonderful Uses

    Lavender’s Wonderful Uses

    Versatile plant flavors more than your garden

    Lavender is something every aspiring gardener wants to grow, and many experienced gardeners use it in perennial borders, as low hedges and…
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  • The Kitchen Conundrum

    The Kitchen Conundrum

    How to get the kitchen that will make you and your house happy

    Tackling a kitchen renovation is a daunting task for any homeowner. Even if you've started a magazine file, pin boards, or created…
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  • A Second Home in the Snow

    A Second Home in the Snow

    Fully owned condos at The Montage, Deer Valley

    I recently achieved the skier's holy grail: a perfect day on the slopes. I was in Park City, Utah, at the serene…
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  • The New Traditional

    The New Traditional

    Today’s decor, yesterday’s inspiration

    One of my early postgraduate design jobs was as an interior designer for a high-end furniture store in downtown Wilmington. It was…
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  • Curating the Home Gallery

    Curating the Home Gallery

    Don’t neglect your artwork

    Art-covered walls are nothing unusual in our area, where the artistic tradition started by the Brandywine School still runs strong. The thrill…
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  • More Blueberries, Please

    More Blueberries, Please

    Beautiful, yummy and healthy

    I have been adding blueberry bushes to my home landscape. There they sit among the other hardy shrubs, neat and pretty with…
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  • 7 Essential Elements to a Family Fitness Room

    7 Essential Elements to a Family Fitness Room

    Seven essential elements to creating an exercise room for all over your family to use.

    With the kids back in school, fall sports around the corner and that lose a few pounds resolution about to expire, the…
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  • Light It Up

    Bringing your home to life through interior lighting. This often-neglected element can add texture, highlight a favorite piece of artwork, or create…
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  • Architectural Trim

    You recognize it as soon as you enter the door: the house that exudes character. But what are the defining qualities of…
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  • Plant a Tree in Delaware!

    Plant a Tree in Delaware!

    Help to Plant One Million in Old New Castle, Newark, and Dover

    At the height of the fall planting season on Saturday, November 5, several organizations across Delaware will be planting trees and selling…
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  • Reshaping Landscapes

    Reshaping Landscapes

    New concrete product can be molded without forms

    A new product is revolutionizing everything from retaining walls to backyard water features to stone-flanked signs for a community. StoneMakers resembles traditional…
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  • Splendor In A Pot

    Splendor In A Pot

    Sweet potato vines

    This spring, keep sweet potatoes in mind as you plant your container garden. Leafy and ornamental, those purple, chartreuse, or bronze colored…
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  • Get Organized

    Get Organized

    De-Clutter Your Home

    Clutter is contagious. It starts innocently enough with a bank statement carelessly tossed on a coffee table, Christmas wrapping paper stuffed in…
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