• 6 Statement Tiles to Transform the Home

    6 Statement Tiles to Transform the Home

    Here are the latest trends to go from ho-hum to hot.

    Fans of the home-renovation shows on HGTV have seen the astonishing transformative power of the utilitarian tile.  This fabulous feature can work…
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  • Stylish Easy-Care Plants for the Garden

    Stylish Easy-Care Plants for the Garden

    Cute and compact, these plants will thrive in the summer.

    If you need help as your garden pumps up into rangy summer growth, you’re not alone. That’s why there’s a trend toward…
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  • Warm Up the Home with Rose Gold

    Warm Up the Home with Rose Gold

    The on trend color is easy to incorporate and adds simple elegance.

    Rose gold has a long history in the jewelry market. now, it’s breaking into the home fashion world, and just about everything…
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  • 6 Adult-Friendly Nursery Décor Trends

    6 Adult-Friendly Nursery Décor Trends

    From classic tones to rustic chic, these rooms will appeal to babies and parents alike.

    Just as weddings are far from simple affairs, at-home nurseries are no longer just a decision between pink and blue. The volume…
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  • Crafting the Perfect Garden with Rocks

    Crafting the Perfect Garden with Rocks

    These natural touches add an extra level.

    Sculptor Karin Stanley works with large stones, shaping them in ways that resonate with sun, shadow and the rest of nature before…
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  • Attracting Hummingbirds

    Attracting Hummingbirds

    Try one of these plants to attract beautiful avians this summer.

    Last summer, I was working in my garden when a ruby-throated hummingbird interrupted his rounds and hovered a few inches in front…
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  • Supermodel Perennials

    Supermodel Perennials

    This spring, add a touch of glamour to your garden with these gorgeous blooms.

    Hardy sunflowers and hibiscus, garden phlox, peonies, Japanese anemones and helenium are good bets. Non-hardy flowers such as dahlias, gladiolas and canna…
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  • Interior Design Goes Industrial Chic

    Interior Design Goes Industrial Chic

    A Chester County designer and a Kennett Square store owner share their insights on this trend.

    The latest buzzword in the interior design world is industrial—a concept that started as more of a necessity than a style. As…
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  • The Latest Home Trend: Wine Cellars

    The Latest Home Trend: Wine Cellars

    Women in particular are interested in tacking them onto their homes.

    Over his 20-year career as president and owner of Washington Valley Cellars in Martinsville, N.J., Jay Rosen has built more than 500 wine cellars—many of…
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  • Classic Clivias

    Classic Clivias

    Reinvent your winter garden with these big, bright flower clusters.

    Dramatic clivias, with their big, bright flower clusters, are popular indoor plants in the Mid-Atlantic region. Originally discovered in the warm climate of…
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  • Artist Turned Decorator

    Artist Turned Decorator

    Lynn McKernan’s Rightside Design is a successful home-accent company named after the creative side of her brain.

    When Lynn McKernan began decorating her family’s cottage on the New Jersey shore, she ran into a problem: there was nothing she…
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  • Showy Sedums and Succulents

    Showy Sedums and Succulents

    Easy-care color for the late season.

    From the rocky parts of the world, where they have strong winds and thin soil, we get tough and colorful plants with rosettes…
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  • Your Dream Home Awaits

    Your Dream Home Awaits

    10 tips from three local experts on crafting your custom house.

    For the past year, you’ve been poring over those glossy home magazines, clipping photos of every to-kill-for kitchen, dazzling living room, elegant…
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