• Caputo’s Kitchen

    Caputo’s Kitchen

    Espuma’s top chef shares secrets on YouTube

    My father used to say that good food makes for a good life. It's true. The subtlest flavor in the proper context…
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  • Chocoluxurious!


    Chocolate is the affordable luxury

    Chocolate is one of the few luxury foods that can be savored either by itself or used as an ingredient in cooking.…
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  • Taking The Spice Route

    Taking The Spice Route

    Chefs search for the right stuff

    While many chefs and home cooks are enjoying the trend toward the simpler life—eating fresh and sourcing locally—they are at the same…
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  • Eating By The Numbers

    Eating By The Numbers

    Twelves Grill & Café

    It's easy to guess what Tim and Kristin Smith's lucky number is. The husband-and-wife team own and operate Twelves Grill & Café…
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  • Cheers


    Christmas cocktails come but once a year

    Like many rural men who came of age during the Great Depression, my father gave up drinking alcohol when he married my…
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  • Fresh Air And Fine Fare

    Fresh Air And Fine Fare

    Savor the scents

    Inhale deeply, dining public: Pennsylvania has finally caught up with neighboring states to enact a law that bans smoking in restaurants. Now…
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  • MMMMain Line

    MMMMain Line

    Want to get rich? Stand at the entrance to the second-floor dining room at Maia Restaurant and Market, smoke-free) and collect a…
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  • Fish On The Flames

    Fish On The Flames

    It doesn’t get better than summer and seafood

    Philip DiFebo, Jr., paints a mouth-watering word picture: A large slab of fresh tuna, skinned and with a skewer through it, over…
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  • Spinoff City

    Spinoff City

    Expansion can be sweet

    The essential question pondered by successful restaurateurs is as much Hamlet as omelet: To expand, or not to expand? Substantial opportunities for…
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