• Returning to Sidesaddle in Kennett Square

    Returning to Sidesaddle in Kennett Square

    On March 27, Plantation Field will host this first-of-this-century event.

    More than most sports, riding to the hounds is all about tradition, speaking of a time of vast estates, gamekeepers, manor houses…
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  • Healing With Horses

    Healing With Horses

    For those suffering from emotional and physical disabilities, equine therapy provides solace and instills self-confidence.

    Pam Liverman couldn’t escape the feeling of failure. Her husband was dying of cancer at the age of 45, and she could do nothing…
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  • An Orchid Extravaganza

    An Orchid Extravaganza

    From the hands of Longwood Gardens display designer Jim Sutton.

    Unlike most of us, Jim Sutton knew at an early age what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.…
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  • The Worlds of Sarah McRae Morton

    The Worlds of Sarah McRae Morton

    A classically trained palette reinterprets the past.

    The painted images have a wind-raked quality to them, the colors saturated and vibrant, yet colors of the earth. Figures appear and…
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  • Antique Ice Tool Museum in West Chester

    Antique Ice Tool Museum in West Chester

    A place to honor one of America’s biggest 19th-century exports.

    Peter Stack has an interesting trivia question for you. If cotton was America’s biggest export product during the 1800s, what was second…
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  • The Rebirth of the Delaware Art Museum

    The Rebirth of the Delaware Art Museum

    With a fresh start, the Wilmington institution can now put the focus back on art.

    Delaware Art Museum marked its centennial in 2012, with much to be proud of in its past but a deep uncertainty about…
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  • The Holiday Duck Hunt

    The Holiday Duck Hunt

    Mother Nature provides the bounty.

    Thanksgiving dawns cold. There is no snow; the weakening storm of yesterday afternoon that once threatened has instead passed further inland on…
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  • National Dog Show

    National Dog Show

    1,500 stellar canines strut their stuff.

    Birthday gifts come in all sizes and shapes. For his 54th, Willistown’s Steve Sansone received a Giant Schnauzer named Bacchus. The canine…
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  • Chester County’s Poorhouse

    Chester County’s Poorhouse

    A place to go for the poverty-stricken in the 19th century.

    As early as 1800, the poverty-stricken in Chester County had a place in the community. They lived at its Poorhouse, built on…
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  • Keeping Them on Their Toes

    Keeping Them on Their Toes

    Principal dancer Ian Hussey brings grace and physicality to the Pennsylvania Ballet.

    Dark clouds fill the morning sky as a parade of dancers files into the Louise Reed Center for Dance on North Broad…
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  • The Healing Hands of One Local Equine Surgeon

    The Healing Hands of One Local Equine Surgeon

    Dr. Mike Ross helps countless horses get back on their feet.

    On a chilly, bright morning at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center, Dr. Michael Ross dons his surgical scrubs and, with…
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  • Buck Run Beef

    Buck Run Beef

    Bill and Helen Elkins have been cattle farming on a former King Ranch plot for almost 30 years.

    On a warm May morning, Bill Elkins walks slowly uphill through the lush, tall meadow grasses, disappearing into his herd of black cattle.…
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  • The Original Iron Lady

    The Original Iron Lady

    Rebecca Lukens was America’s first female industrialist.

    Carefully preserved in the archives at the Hagley Museum & Library is a 14-page letter from a mother to her children. Handwritten…
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  • A Tale of Two Chefs

    A Tale of Two Chefs

    Brian Sikora and MacGregor Mann are making the Brandywine Valley a gourmand’s paradise.

    Brian Sikora As the sun dipped behind a grove of oak and hickory trees last September, I joined a stream of guests…
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  • SpringHouse Furnishings

    SpringHouse Furnishings

    Chadds Ford antiques mecca straddles the space between old and new.

    Tucked in the midst of Chadds Ford’s antiques mecca is SpringHouse Furnishings, a combination shop, showroom and studio. The exterior, reminiscent of…
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  • Linking Art and the Environment

    Linking Art and the Environment

    The Brandywine River Museum of Art debuts an ambitious new program.

    Nearly a half century ago trouble was brewing near the peaceful village of Chadds Ford. George “Frolic” Weymouth…
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  • In the Driver’s Seat

    In the Driver’s Seat

    Women show off their finest attire at Winterthur Museum’s Point-to-Point—and their skills in the whip’s seat.

    For the past 36 years the Winterthur Museum has hosted Point-to-Point races on the property that surrounds the former home of Henry…
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  • Passion on the Vine

    Passion on the Vine

    Giovanni Bonmartini-Fini’s family has been cultivating vineyards since 1947.

    Perfect rows of vines scallop the surrounding hillsides where Barone Fini grapes are grown in as natural a manner as possible in…
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  • Opera Delaware in Transition

    Opera Delaware in Transition

    The company takes opera off the main stage and out into the community.

    Opera is known for its high drama onstage but in recent years there’s been lots of drama offstage as well. One after…
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