Winter 2010

  • The Unveiling

    A yearly event draws local collectors

    The 2010 "Unveiling" at the H.L. Chalfant Gallery in West Chester is a rare opportunity to purchase important antiques and paintings before…
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  • Wreath Making

    Create your own piece of holiday magic at the Master Gardeners" 2nd Saturday program, Wreath Making, on December 12. Master gardener Julia…
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  • Well Nested

    Birds now live in high style

    Tom Burke spent 25 years building custom homes with his father in Delaware. He still builds houses but now his business card…
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  • The Sitter & The Painter

    As the two form a bond, David Larned immortalizes his subject

    The session begins as tentatively as a first date. Teresa Fort stands expectantly on a small platform, dressed in a long, gray…
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  • Old School Ties That Bind

    W. Barksdale Maynard plumbs Woodrow Wilson’s Princeton years

    Great biographies are ones in which the subject gets so deeply under the writer's skin that the book compels itself to be…
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  • The Water’s Edge

    Stroud Water Research Center’s Annual Fundraiser

    Stroud Water Research Center's "The Water's Edge" Annual Fundraiser was held on Thursday, October 8, 2009.
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  • Thailand’s Many Faces

    Phuket’s beaches and Bangkok’s bustle

    Suzanne and I had met on an Alaskan cruise the year before; our instant rapport consisted in part of our passion for…
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  • Chocoluxurious!

    Chocolate is the affordable luxury

    Chocolate is one of the few luxury foods that can be savored either by itself or used as an ingredient in cooking.…
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  • Spectacular Cyclamen

    Providing holiday cheer

    Nothing against poinsettias, but for holiday elegance, give me fragrant florists' cyclamen. Lusciously flowering in fruity shades of pink, cherry red, purple,…
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  • Alice in Pictureland

    It's easy to picture a little blond girl in a white pinafore, the timeless image of Lewis Carroll's Alice. It's thanks to…
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  • Craft Forms 2009

    During the 1990s, Bruce Pepich assembled one of the country's most significant collections of contemporary craft, and he opened the Racine Art…
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  • An Enchanted Evening

    “An Enchanted Evening” at the historic Kennett Square

    Historic Kennett Square hosted its 2nd Annual Fundraising dinner the night before the Brewfest on Friday, October 9. "An Enchanted Evening" was…
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  • Cozy Comfort

    This winter, cozy comfort is the "in" look when it comes to all things fashionable. Whether it's made of pure cashmere, a…
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  • Dream Garden

    Philadelphia’s Tiffany treasure

    When visitors come, what do you take them to see? When a friend showed us  The Dream Garden in the Curtis Center…
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  • Winter Elegance

    Holiday décor to enjoy all winter long

    The kids are coming home from college. You're hosting a party for your husband's firm. Your parents are flying up from Boca.…
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