Summer 2016

  • Staying the Course

    Maryland’s Fair Hill International puts horses, riders and designers to the test.

    Three-day eventing began as military training for the war horse. It was designed in the 19th century to compare and test cavalry…
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  • The Allure of Old Books

    Baldwin’s Book Barn in West Chester is among the stores that still thrives on print editions.

    Even in an age of Kindle and the explosion of online content, real books continue to fascinate us.  One reason: Books have…
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  • Surprising Finds Around Unionville

    The Southern Chester County town boasts a charming network of shops.

    The village of Unionville is well known to foxhunters heading toward Cheshire hunt country. Just three miles north of Kennett Square, its…
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  • Ivan Dowling Bids Adieu

    The recently retired huntsman had been at the helm since 2003.

    Ivan Dowling, the 42-year-old, recently retired Huntsman for Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds, is part of the nearly 400-year-old tradition of fox hunting…
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  • Fly Fishing in Montana

    A father and son from the East Coast test their fishing skills in the West, in a luxurious setting.

    "This landscape! It’s unbelievable!” Dad had his first aerial view of Montana the day before on the flight in from Denver, but…
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  • Farewell to Frolic

    The Brandywine Valley remembers one of its icons.

    Early on Sunday morning, April 24, 2016, a bright candle in a window of a 17th-century home near the banks of the…
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  • Attracting Hummingbirds

    Try one of these plants to attract beautiful avians this summer.

    Last summer, I was working in my garden when a ruby-throated hummingbird interrupted his rounds and hovered a few inches in front…
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  • The Hats Have It

    At the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, it’s all about fabulous fashion, especially hats.

    For the last 119 years, at least half the competitors at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair have had exceptionally long…
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  • Not Your Kid’s Beach Toys

    These eight luxe beach toys will help kick summer up a notch or two.

    The season may not have the same allure as it did when it meant three months of school-free vacation, but we still…
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  • The Comedy of Errors

    July 15-31

    In Shakespeare’s madcap romp of mistaken identity, two sets of identical twins have a very confusing day in the mysterious town of Ephesus.…
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  • Music Along the Bank

    Through June 29

    This popular outdoor summer concert series returns to Winterthur. All performances are on Wednesday evenings, so bring a lawn chair, a picnic…
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  • Drawn to Dinosaurs

    Through Dec. 31

    Beauty and analysis collide in Drawn to Dinosaurs, which delves into the science and the art of visualizing a living animal based…
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