Summer 2010

  • Couture Kitchens

    Customization is key

    The all-white kitchen craze is fading. "White granite stains," says Katy Wolfington of Waterbury Kitchen & Bath in Kennett Square. "It isn't…
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  • Earthly Possessions

    A Benjamin Franklin scavenger hunt

    Finding Benjamin Franklin's possessions scattered around Philadelphia is like a scavenger hunt for the soul of the city and a fun way…
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  • “Sweet Charity”

    Gala benefits Chester County Community Foundation

    Sugartown, Pennsylvania April 17, 2010 The Giving for Good Gala benefited the Chester County Community Foundation. The foundation connects caring individuals with…
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  • Spa Baths

    Live it up in this once-utilitarian room

    The bathroom is where your house uses—and wastes—the most water. So why not start your energy efficiency program with your toilet? First,…
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  • Barbecue Rising

    It’s gooey and delicious, and foodies can take it seriously

    For decades, barbecue was something sold out of tumbledown roadside stands lurking on the edges of small Southern towns. The wood smoke…
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  • Summer Beauty

    Bright ideas on makeup and sunny day accessories

    This summer's beauty trend is a mélange of bright colors. Very wearable, this modern look is sophisticated in its simplicity, a must…
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  • The Wild Bunch

    New Bolton’s semi-feral ponies shed light on equine behavior

    Their manes and tails flying, galloping over the dusty plains or roaming high hillsides of the American West, they answer to no…
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  • A Shore Thing

    How to choose a beach house

    Here's a recipe for the perfect summer cocktail: Take the worst winter in a hundred years, chase it with an extensive selection…
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  • Castle Country

    Ireland off season

    Everyone loves to visit Ireland in summer, but to me, the dramatic fogs and winds of fall and winter best suit this…
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