Summer 2008

  • Atelier in a Lumber Shed

    Van Heyneker carries on a regional tradition

    We find Van Heyneker in his cabinet and furniture shop inside a long, two-story, lumber shed tucked into a grove of trees…
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  • The Shrine

    There is a knotty family issue around which strong emotions often erupt: Whether to convert the shrine or preserve the shrine? Definition…
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  • A Natural History

    In early 2007, the Delaware Museum of Natural History was poised for success in terms of attendance, programming, finances, and education. A…
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  • 2008 Jaguar XKR Coupe

    Stylish. Stunning. Fast. A masterpiece of automotive design. A predator cat on steroids. This is my assessment of the 2008 Jaguar XKR…
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  • Fish On The Flames

    It doesn’t get better than summer and seafood

    Philip DiFebo, Jr., paints a mouth-watering word picture: A large slab of fresh tuna, skinned and with a skewer through it, over…
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  • Spinoff City

    Expansion can be sweet

    The essential question pondered by successful restaurateurs is as much Hamlet as omelet: To expand, or not to expand? Substantial opportunities for…
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  • The Knock-Out

    Saving the roses

    Rose lovers like to think of their favorite flower as a gift from God. And that's true for those whose favorite is…
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