Fall 2009

  • Luxury Brazil

    Bahia and Kiaroa

    I am getting a shiatsu massage while listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall and the songs of tropical birds. Except…
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  • Charm School


    The history of modern-day charms dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Known for her elaborate collection of jewels and…
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  • Quality — The New Bling

    In uncertain times, buy for longevity

    Ask any designer about new trends in interior décor and you"ll hear one word: Quality. "My clients are moving away from unnecessary…
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  • Gas Sippers

    Buyers of efficient vehicles have more choice

    Are we about to see a swing of the pendulum back to fuel-efficient vehicles? Will they sell on a sustained basis? Only…
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  • Early Philadelphia

    Portraiture from awkward to accomplished

    Gustavus Hesselius's 1732 portraits of two Delaware Indian Chiefs hang just steps away from John Singleton Copley's 1773 portrait of Mr. and…
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  • Harvest Time Again

    Community-supported agriculture

    People are going back to the basics—directly to the farm to get the experience of interacting with the land—not to mention getting…
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  • At One With Nature

    Kayaking the Brandywine

    My brother Jim and I lift the kayaks from atop his van and carry them over toward the Brandywine. To say that…
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  • National Bank of Malvern

    125 years of thinking small

    Not many banks are in a celebratory mood this year given the upheavals on Wall Street. But one small Chester County bank…
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  • The Union Fair & Farm Show

    Teaching kids the importance of agriculture

    A Unionville high school agriculture teacher, John Corman, launched the Unionville Fair and Farm Show in 1924. Back then, the entire event…
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