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Here and opposite page: This home in Jackson, Wyo., won a 2018 Palladio Award.
vistas. The magnificent setting called for a house that didn’t compete with its surroundings. “The whole relationship to the landscape was one which was very, very natural—no lawns,” says Zimmerman. “The house didn’t impose itself tremendously on the landscape.”
Built entirely of stone and wood, the home has an informal feel, with no drywall. “It really was to be, as it were, an old homesteader’s house that was found, renovated and extended,” says Zimmerman, whose firm won the 2018 Palladio Award for Best New Construction Under 5,000 Square Feet for the design.
3. Liveability
A dining room that’s used just a few times a year, a living area where no actual living takes place—such spaces are no longer considered desirable. When designing a custom home, an architect should help clients analyze how they live and what spaces they need. “There’s no sense in building a house that’s 5,000 square feet if you’re only going to live in 2,500 of it,” Zimmerman says.
These days, most people are looking for a relaxed but elegant life- style, according to Zimmerman. If they want a separate dining room, it has to be a space that isn’t stuffy—a setting where friends and family feel at ease, a space that’s part of day-to-day life.
A Zimmerman client who gave a large party every year wanted a ballroom for entertaining. Rather than designing a 10,000-square-foot house for this once-a-year event, the firm designed a somewhat smaller L-shaped home.
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