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                                              Carabasi designed these copper-roofed cedar chicken coops. Each holds nine roosting boxes.
Whatever the purpose, these small gems add a delightful element of interest to a residential landscape.
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Carabasi took over the business in 2012 and still works with the same builder. She’s expanded the concept by creating custom designs that can be adapted to a variety of different uses.
Even a chicken coop can be elevated to an aesthetic statement in Carabasi’s hands. She recently designed two cedar board- and-batten coops and positioned them to face each other. “They each have octagon dovecote cupolas with copper roofs and a custom-designed copper hen and rooster finial. The owner absolutely loves them,” she says.
For those who are able to work remotely from home or with a home-based business, an office with no distractions is a high priority. Carabasi designed one in cedar with pine interior. With insulation and screens on the windows, it provides an airy, private year-round working space for her client.
With the growing popularity of the “she shed” as a counterpart to the man
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