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                                                                                                   38 THE HUNT MAGAZINE wINTEr 2018/19
Culinary Arts
“When [my husband and I] met, we found
we’d been looking at the same things in the same shops,” says Elizabeth. “Now, we enjoy hunting together to find great things with some age to them. They’re souvenirs when we travel.”
The table setting here reflects their commitment to avoiding single-use plastics and papers. There are two glasses at each place setting, a long-stemmed
wine glass and a champagne saucer with a hollow stem that keeps the bubbles circulating. White linen napkins, pitchers, flatware, and a soft shimmer of silver in candlesticks round out the settings. “People keep giving us silver flatware because they don’t want it any more,” says Vincent. “We have fun with it, mixing the patterns.”
Food is part of the décor, too. Desserts sit on a sideboard, a feast for the eyes. Elsewhere, a live-edge

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