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                  THE HUNT
Publisher AssociAte Publisher
Editorial Director
editor Art director digitAl editor contributing Writers
contributing PhotogrAPher sAles MAnAgers
MArketing director
Production MAnAger grAPhic designers
Publisher of New Media
Director of Digital Strategy
Digital Producer
Digital Sales & Marketing Manager
Chief Operating Officer Controller
Accounting Manager
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Staff Accountant
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Executive Assistant to the President
Circulation Director Circulation Manager
Robert Martinelli Michael Reath
Hobart Rowland Merrill Witty
Diana Ramírez Lisa Dukart
Ashley Breeding
Eileen Smith Dallabrida Lora Englehart
Melissa Jacobs
Roger Morris
J.F. Pirro
Catherine Quillman
Jim Graham
Holli Muffler Susanne Pagano Jessica F. Stryker
Monica Weber
Donna Hill
C. Belinda Cimo, Chris Johnson, Rosalinda Rocco
Mike Martinelli
Greg Mathias James Maley
Karen Martinelli
William R. Wehrman Donna Kraidman
Jennifer Heller
Jennifer Schuele Nancy Nyce
Jennifer Floor Sara Helton
Leeanne Rocheleau
Greg Wolfe Russell Marth
 TODAY MEDIA President
Robert F. Martinelli
Vice President
Ralph A. Martinelli
Richard Martinelli
IN MEMORIAM Chairman Angelo Martinelli (1927-2018)
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The Hunt, Summer 2019, Volume 18, Number 2 (ISSN: 1540-9694; USPS 14170) is published quarterly by Today Media, a Martinelli Holdings LLC, 3301 Lancaster Pike, Suite 5C, Wilmington, DE 19805. Periodicals postage paid at Wilmington, DE and additional mailing offices. ATTENTION POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Hunt, P.O. Box 460835, Escondido, CA 92046. Address changes should be accompanied by a mailing label from a recent issue.
  Proud to Serve the Delaware Community for 75 Years
                                          Celebrating 80 years of Providing Tax, Audit,Trust, and Accounting Services!
Photo by Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography
 Directors Peter Kennedy, Marie Holliday, Loretta Manning, Jennifer Pacilli, and Eric Williams
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