Page 64 - The Hunt - Summer 2019
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Vintage pens in a digital world
scratching across a sheet of paper or the ring of a typewriter bell at the end of a line.
And yet, there are a growing number of artisan
pen companies, and traditional producers of writing instruments—whose names we grew up with—are offering new editions annually, many of them at luxury prices. Meanwhile, some vintage pens have become collectibles, auctioned off like works of art or 50-year-old bottles of burgundy wine. “There’s a strong interest in pens by baby boomers,
By Roger Morris
  When was the last time you wrote a letter or a long note by hand? And did you write it with a permanent pen or a disposable instrument like a pencil or a ballpoint?
If you’re under 40, have you ever filled a fountain pen from a bottle of ink? Also, if you’re under 40, has your company ever offered a Montblanc as an incentive prize or reward?
Finally, has your mother—whatever your ethnic heritage—scolded you for not writing her more often? Or has she instead complained that you never text
her anymore?
The fact is that people seldom seem to write anything by hand anymore—and a newspaper reporter would be fired on the spot for composing stories on a typewriter. In the process, we’ve lost our feel for the texture and touch
of communicating, not to mention the sound of a pen

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