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sUMMEr 2019
orange juice, a dash of balsamic, and a pinch of salt. Freeze in a long, flat metal container (an inch or less thick) for
45 minutes. Stir with a fork, getting
in all those crystals on the sides, and repeat every half hour or so until you see individual crystals. Scrape and serve in pudding dishes. For panache, sprinkle on some coconut flakes.
Exercise your adult blending skills.
Vodka is to making cocktails what grilling is to cooking. Any fool can do it, so feel free to assign the task to us men. Puree any fruit—from apples to pomegranates to peaches to wild wine berries—and let it chill in the fridge for an hour or so. When its ready to serve, put a teaspoon of the puree into a martini glass and add plain vodka to whatever level you can carry across the room without spilling. Stir
gently. (It’s OK to use a non-plastic straw.) For variation—and to add botanicals to your drink—try gin instead of vodka.
Bake a peach-and-berry cobbler.
A cobbler is the easiest pastry dessert
to make. Unless you have time on your hands to make crusts or you want to show off, take two prepared roll-out crusts (the kind Pillsbury makes) and let them warm to almost room tempera- ture. You can use a traditional round pie pan, but I prefer a rectangular glass baking dish. With your fingers, shape one crust to fit the baking dish, with
a lap-over rim. Add sliced peaches to the dish (2 or 3 should do it) followed by 2 cups of fresh berries. Sprinkle on some white or brown sugar—to bring out the flavors as much as to sweeten it. Dot with real butter.

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