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                   Slimmer and trimmer
In 1965, Dr. Bob Smith, an orthodontist
and avowed ski bum, invented his own sealed, breathable thermal goggles so he could spend more time on the slopes. Smith’s Serpico 2 Slim sunglasses transport the wearer stylishly to the chalet. A pared-back version of the classic Serpico, this fresh take on the aviator style features adjustable nose pads and ChromaPop lenses that eliminate glare and promote clarity. $179,
  For the sporting woman
She’s strong. She’s athletic. She’s feminine. Costa Del Mar’s Waterwoman is designed for active women who fish, paddle and enjoy making a splash. There are seven lens colors to choose from, ranging from blue (suggested for open, reflective water) to mirror (for activities in low light). Costa’s lightwave glass is 20 percent thinner and lighter than typical polarized lenses. $249,
  Champagne and emeralds
Barton Perreira crafts glasses that
fit like well-tailored clothing. Designer Patty Perreira is inspired by travel and her love of anything vintage. Her Vanguard design combines champagne-and-gold frames with emerald lenses for a dramatic twist. The ultra-lightweight frames are made of zylonite, a resin-based polymer plastic tumbled in stone for several days before it’s hand polished. Lenses are hand-dipped in small batches.
  For the sporting man
Costa Del Mar’s Tico is a rowdy take on Costa Rica’s heritage of sportfishing. These sunnies sport an all-day wrap, with wide, chiseled temples to provide full coverage from the harshest sun. The technology includes vented nose pads, an integral hinge, and scratch-resistant polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protection. Create a custom pair by choosing your frame and lens colors. $269,
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