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                 110,000-square-foot museum by taking an hour-long guided tour, then exploring on your own. On a recent visit, a docent led our group past the slurry wall that was built when the towers were constructed to hold back the forces of landfill and river. We continued downward alongside the 58-ton Vesey Street Stairs, known as the “Survivors’ Stairs” because hundreds of people used them to escape to safety. Although we tend to focus on the number of people who perished on 9/11, more than 14,000 people got out of the Twin Towers alive.
The cathedral-like Foundation Hall and the more intimate Memorial Hall house significant artifacts, including the “Last Column.” This was removed from the site, escorted by an honor guard, on May 30, 2002, marking the official end of the recovery effort. Covered with names, pictures, mementos and messages, it is a reminder of the work done and the peo-
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“Impact Steel.”
  “For many of us, working on the project was a way to handle the loss.”
  The best way to understand what makes Tatnall so special is to experience it
for yourself. Please contact our Admissions Office at (302) 892-4285 or to schedule your personal tour. 59

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