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                THE CARRIAGE TRADE
  To be successful, horse and rider need years of training together.
discovered that the cartilage had died. “So I had to have it fused, and I limped around for a long time.”
Stafford was not only competitive, but stubborn. “I had just bought an eventing horse, and we’d taken part in only a couple of competitions,” she says. “He was my move-up [in competition] horse.”
Finally, Stafford had to admit to herself that her competitive riding career was over at a young age. “I could only be a medio- cre rider,” she says. “And I don’t like being mediocre.”
But she wasn’t through with horses, not just yet. Stafford figured if she couldn’t ride sitting up, why not try sitting down? That’s when she visited Lisa Singer. One of the best-known trainers of carriage driv- ing and a national champion, Singer has a training facility in Chadds Ford. “Within two weeks, I had purchased a starter kit of a pony, a harness and a cart,” Stafford says. “After all, competing with a carriage is similar to eventing.”
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