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                THE CARRIAGE TRADE
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  Suzy Stafford competes at the Brandywine Carriage Driving Show with Hunny.
Below: a traditional willow carriage basket with leather trim. Opposite page: The 2005 World Pony Driving Championship, where Stafford won gold.
Growing up in Bear, she says, “I wasn’t much into sports and didn’t like what the school had to offer. But I had a friend who had a horse, so I told my mom I’d like to try that.”
Her family didn’t have an equestrian background, as so many local com- petitors do. But her mother decided to let her 13-year-old daughter take riding lessons.
After a year, Stafford’s parents bought her a horse. “That commit- ment pushes you along,” she says.
Not that Stafford needed much pushing. She joined the Middletown Pony Club and soon was training with legendary instructor Lana DuPont Wright, a member of the U.S. Event- ing Association Hall of Fame.
If the rules of equestrian competi- tion are as foreign to you as the fine points of cricket, let’s just say that eventing has been called a triathlon on horseback. As with most equestrian events, it’s not just a matter of how good the rider is, because the horse is
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