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Summer’s finest: Breezy days, chirping birds and the outdoor patio at The Whip Tavern. Join us to revel in the weather while enjoying excellent British & pub fare with a fine selection of beers.
Open 11:00am ~ midnight Closed Tuesday
1383 North Chatham Road
West Marlborough, Pennsylvania 19320 610.383.0600
a year. The poodle pups sell for $1,600- $2,500 each, depending on gender, size and color. “For years, white poodles were what everyone wanted,” says Scott. “Now the blacks have taken top spot.”
Delivered by Scott herself, the pups stay with her until they’re 10-12 weeks old. “At only a pound and a half in weight, if something goes wrong, it can go wrong in a hurry,” says Scott. “I need to know they’re ready to be out in the world before I let them go.”
Most of Scott’s puppies are going to good homes as family pets, not show dogs. Just as Scott makes sure her pups are ready for their new homes, she makes sure the new owners are prepared as well. That means providing a booklet of information
on how to care for the pup—from what to feed it to making sure it stays warm and is not mishandled, whether by accident or by children’s playful hands.
In fact, Scott won’t sell a pup to a family with small children. She says the risk is too high that the two-legged young ones will get too rambunctious with their four- legged friends. Or they could turn their backs on them for a moment, only to find the pup trying to jump off a chair before its legs can handle the leap.
“Some small breeds can have issues with their legs,” says Scott, noting that poodles were once used in circuses because of their ability to do tricks. “You can’t take your hands off a poodle pup unless it is safely secured.”

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