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Going to the
in Wilmington
A lifetime of poodling
By Carol Sorgen Photography by Jim Graham
When Joan Scott bought a Doberman Pinscher 60 years ago to protect her family, she didn’t realize her life would to go to the dogs—literally.
“There was a robbery in our neighborhood, and my husband (Col. James P. Scott II) traveled frequently, so I bought the Doberman as a guard dog for $500,” the 81-year-old Wilmington resident recalls.
A native of Bonita Springs, Fla., Scott comes from a dog-breeding family. Her father raised American Cocker Spaniels and hunting dogs. Still, “I never thought I’d have dogs,” she says.
During the next few years, Scott started breed- ing Dobermans “to make up the $500, which my husband thought was awfully expensive for a dog. Unfortunately, the dogs were too protective and started biting every friend we had,” Scott says. “A friend of mine had a toy poodle and that was it— I got hooked.”
So hooked, in fact, that she began breeding and showing poodles, along with Chihuahuas and, for a time, Yorkshire Terriers. Her breeding stock has resulted in more than 100 champion poodles, 30
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