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                   Before Karen Helme started selling antiques and unique pieces for homes, she devoted many pleasant hours to
shopping for them.
Helme, who owns Found in Centreville, is trained as an interior designer and focuses on helping clients create special spaces that reflect their personalities. “I got sad leaving wonderful things behind when I didn’t have a client for them, so I got into retail,” she says.
Throughout the Brandywine Valley, boutiques and one-of-a- kind purveyors sell home goods that are steeped in history and inspired by futuristic visions. The materials from which these pieces were crafted include rustic barn wood, polished brass, muted milk paints, brightly colored fabrics and more.
At Found, Helme offers finds like a clubby leather Ralph Lauren sofa “worn to perfection,” a ballroom chair resplendent with a silk seat and a gilded cane back, Venetian mirrors, and a silver candelabra. “I sell things that make your house look like a home and not a chain-store showroom,” she says. “I’d much rather see someone buy a mahogany dining table from the 1940s than a new table that’s not of the same quality.”
The shop is set up in a series of rooms, each with its own vignettes. It’s a homey, welcoming place. Visitors can pet Henry, Helme’s golden retriever puppy, as they browse original paintings by area artists Barbara Neville and Janeice Silberman. “I love to show people how art can fit into their décor—ideas
Anne Joyce, the proprietor of Spring House Antiques, with her trusty sales companion. All photos were taken at Spring House. 17

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