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 A for Apple
Can an apple a day keep sun spots away? Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Emulsion is designed to brighten skin and reduce sun spots with malic acid, obtained from organic green apples. An antioxidant cocktail of alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C and other ingredients is designed to even skin tone. Olive-derived squalane, omega- rich organic jojoba and avocado oils provide intense hydration., $48
   Hair Raising
This tea-based formula in Pai-Shau’s Supreme Revitalizing Mask feels weightless but actually amps up the volume in hair while adding shine. High-performance cationic polymers infuse moisture into sun-stressed hair, with an added bonus: an anti-static barrier. Work through clean, wet hair, leave in for 5-15 minutes, rinse, and hit
Think Zinc
Zinc is one of most effective ingredients in blocking harmful rays from the sun, yet few products on the market contain it. Block Island Natural Face Moisturizer harnesses clear zinc to prevent sun damage and premature aging with an SPF of 30. It’s also a moisturizer that keeps skin fresh and hydrated with the antioxidant vitamin E., $27.99
the beach., $43
Bright Eyes
Celavive Hydrating Eye Essence features peptides and avocado oil, apricot fruit extract and ginkgo biloba to lessen appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes., $46.20
Whether you’re surfing, water skiing or lounging
in the pool, Waxhead
Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick provides 80 minutes
of water-resistant protection. Free of toxins and petrochemicals, it’s safe
for babies, too. Waxhead
is even tinted with cocoa powder for impromptu makeup touchups., $29.99
Beachy Waves
   Sugar is sweeter than salt, especially for hair after a swim in the ocean. Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray is a treat for tresses, creating soft, beach-inspired waves with a combination of sugar and flexible styling ingredients formulated to keep humidity at bay. It can be used on either wet or dry hair. Spray, squish and sail on to your next adventure., $22
  When the days are steamy, choose nail
polish that is creamy and dreamy. Dermelect Peptide-Infused Nail Color is a quick-drying, high-gloss lacquer that strengthens nails, protects against UV rays and resists chipping. The polish comes in an array of summery shades, including Sugarhill, a soft white reminiscent of seashells., $14

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