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By EilEEn Smith DallaBriDa
Tending the garden requires some essentials: a stout shovel, a handy trowel, a watering can and implements for pruning. A don’t forget your brimmed hat, gloves, sun screen, and something to cushion your knees while kneeling.
Sticking to the basics, however, is akin to planting tomatoes without basil, burying your nose in lilacs devoid of fragrance, or a shade garden without a hint of mystery in the shadows. You can get the job done, but the fruits of your labor are not as sweet.
Happily, unique implements and sources of inspiration for gardeners spring up each year as reliably as daffodils in March. There are tools that make caring for plants easier and more efficient. Books and other resources feed gardeners’ fertile imaginations, and products abound to help keep the keepers of the garden as fit and well groomed as their lovely plots.
There’s always room in the garden for an irresistible plant. And there’s always room for another must-have aid for the gardener.
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