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 A busy day “ at Radnor Hunt.
“I’m glued to every weather report I can get.”
Willowdale is also hosting the newly sanctioned Liam Magee Steeplechase Owners and Trainers Association Apprentice Riders Race. The winner’s circle is getting a new home in the paddock “so it will be easier for everyone to see.”
Jockeys must weigh in before the race and weigh out afterward, so having a reliable scale is essential. After being alerted by another race director to problems with the scale at her event, White called for a backup, just to be sure. “And I was glad I did, because the scale didn’t work,” she recalls.
In the end, Winterthur and Willowdale joined forces to buy a scale and split the cost.
Logistics loom large on race day. To resolve problems with traffic flow due
to people coming and going, spectators must now stay for the day at Willowdale. The chute onto the course is now more accessible from the barn. “It’s much faster, more efficient—plus, the spectators are closer. They can see the horses coming on to the course,” says White.
This past year, Willowdale added a beer-and-wine vendor to its lineup of food purveyors. The team is constantly tweaking its offerings to come up with palate pleasers for the fans, who may be looking for cold fare on a hot day or warm fare on a nippy day. “You’re planning a party for 15,000, and you have to prepare for whatever could possibly happen,” White says. “That’s how you have to think of it.” SL
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