Page 74 - The Hunt - Spring 2019
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 “As a rac“e director, your decisions are only as good as the information in front of you.”
PRESERVATION BY THE PINT Fifty cents from every pour of our house cider supports
The Brandywine Conservancy. Locally grown, pressed and fermented.
Available exclusively at The Whip for the sake of open space, one Imperial pint at a time.
Open 11:00am ~ midnight | Closed Tuesday
1383 North Chatham Road West Marlborough, Pennsylvania 19320 | 610.383.0600
Well-prepared spectators at Willowdale.
looks like a horse trailer, only cut in half,” Abbott says. “You can hear them barking as they drive by.”
Weather is a constant concern. Abbott maintains her personal traditions, tacking folded rain ponchos over doorways to ward off showers. “Everyone texts me weather alerts and screenshots of,” she says. “They don’t know I’m already glued to every report I can get.”
Honoring Frolic
Three years ago, George A. “Frolic” Weymouth, the conservationist and sportsman who led Point-to-Point’s
iconic parade of carriages for 38 years, died unexpectedly only a few weeks before the event.

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