Page 73 - The Hunt - Spring 2019
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 “You’re plan“ning a party for 15,000, and you have to prepare for whatever could possibly happen.”
    tent that’s by invitation only, it’s an opportunity for individuals and groups of friends to buy tickets and meet in the tent,” she says.
Technology also is changing the way things are done. Rather than tailgaters coming to Winterthur to choose their spots, they can now book online.
Sometimes, though, only the personal touch will do. Each year, Abbott walks the course as the meet approaches. “I call it being one with the earth,” she says. “I want to be close to the race track, get a feel for it, get a sense for the conditions. We have great garden people, but I want to be a little part of that, too.”
Each year, a parade of foxhounds and bagpipers ushers in the event. “The hounds come in on a trailer that | STEEPLECHASE LOOKBOOK 2019 53

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