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                Mingling by the tents at Radnor.
evolved over the years, with the option of adding a 10-by-10 tent. “We have 150 of them, and we are selling out every year,” Smith says.
The Fox’s Den—a large tent that offers a seat at a table for $225 or a table for 10 for $2,000—offers guests a catered repast
with a signature cocktail. Last year’s libation was the Fox Tail, a vodka-and- orange refresher. “If you want to show up in awesome dress, this is the way to do it,” she says. “You don’t have to pack a picnic hamper. You don’t even have to bring a purse.”
    truck hauling the jumbotron screen got stuck at the top of the hill. “So that’s where it stayed,” says Smith.
More than 13,000 spectators braved the weather. Smith got such positive feedback on the impromptu siting of the jumbotron that it’s going back there this year for Radnor’s 89th running. “No person was hurt, no horse was injured and every car went home,” she says.
and Catering
Radnor has a core of avid tailgaters, many of whom have reserved the same spot for generations. Tailgating has | STEEPLECHASE LOOKBOOK 2019 51

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