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                                “An outdoor e“vent manager is a different breed. It doesn’t stop at plan B. I have a plan C and a plan D.”
Hands~on approach to custom, quality craftsmanship
With an eye for design and precise attention to detail,
B&D Builders builds excellence into every indoor arena. From our expert engineering and choice of quality materials to our approach to planning, scheduling and management, B&D is hands-on to ensure your arena functions well and looks great for years to come. At B&D Builders, we build
it right, or we don’t build it.
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When It Rains, It Pours
Last year, Radnor’s fences and hedges were nearly eclipsed by another hurdle when monsoon-like rain soaked the course. “We knew by Thursday night that one (entrance) gate was not going to be able to be used,” recalls Smith.
Hundreds of parking hangtags
had already been handed out. Guests were directed by email and social media to use one of five other entrances. “Then, the day of the race, two other gates became inaccessible.”
That left three entrances and fields for parking. Mud on a slope was so deep the

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