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                Making the most of the mud at last year’s Radnor Hunt Races.
At the Winterthur event, held May 5,
Jill Abbott coordinates horses, carriages and horseless carriages—as in the vintage Rolls- Royces that circle in an annual tailgate.
“An outdoor event manager is a different breed,” she says. “It doesn’t stop at plan B. I have a plan C and a plan D.”
A week later, on Mother’s Day, race fans at Willowdale can be certain that tents
are properly placed. That’s because Leslie White carries a tape measure—and she knows how to use it. “Nothing is too big or too small for a race director. We negotiate the porta-potty contracts and talk with people on the phone about the outfits they’ll wear,” she says. “We offer guidance for preparing tailgates and answer many questions, especially for newcomers. We’re dog friendly, too. Pets must be kept on a leash, however.”
At Radnor Hunt on May 18, Kathy Smith will ensure a lavish repast for fans in the Fox’s Den, a catered event in a tent. The horses get a treat, too. “We have apples and carrots—huge bags of them,” she says.
 “Race directors“negotiate porta- potty contracts and talk to people about their outfits. Nothing is too big or too small.”
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