Page 163 - The Hunt - Spring 2019
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                                           As Padua Academy
students, we always
have our sights set on our
goals and aspirations, while looking up to exceptional faculty members, guidance counselors, and coaching staff, we are also looking back with gratitude
to the thousands of graduates who have made their marks on our world. We are continually looking beyond ourselves, contributing compassionate solutions to the pressing challenges of poverty, inequity, and hardship. And we are looking forward to a world where our own talents and skills will revolutionize the boardroom, the operating room, the classroom, and the laboratory.
If finding a faith-filled, cost-effective, mission- focused community is one of your goals, then you have found what you are looking for:
302.421.3765 905 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806
                                                                              Keep Looking

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