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legally. Ron picked up the various babies, measured them, let them walk around the deck, then put them back in the ocean. By the same token, lobsters over three pounds must be returned to the sea because they are brood males who carry the responsibil- ity of sustaining the population.
If you’re able to be in Port Clyde on
a summer Wednesday, you might enjoy the paint party held at the Barn Cafe,
next to the Seaside Inn. A local artist will instruct you in capturing your idea of Maine on canvas (provided along with paint, brushes, drinks and hors d’oeuvres). A perfect accompaniment to the Port Clyde experience is a short drive away
in the town of Rockland, home to the Farnsworth Museum. Its mission is to celebrate Maine’s role in American art, and it houses a large collection of Andrew Wyeth’s work. It also owns the historic Olson House, where the famed invalid Christina Olson lived and where Andrew often lodged and painted. Rockwell has some great seafood, too.
A bit farther up the coast is the charm- ing town of Camden, with loads of shops and, unfortunately, tourists.o
A board member of the iconic outfitting company founded by her grandfather, Linda Loraine Bean (L.L. Bean) has created an empire of her own in the Pine Tree State. She owns inns and vacation rental homes, restaurants and lobster shacks, the Wyeth Gallery and a massive lobster-processing company. She and three others initiated the first effort to investigate and certify the sustainability of the Maine lobster supply.
Since 2007, Bean’s companies have grown to an annual purchase of up to nine million pounds of Maine lobster. Nearly all is sold within the domestic borders of
the U.S. She bought her wharf and lobster business, along with the Port Clyde and Tenants Harbor general stores from which to market them locally.
My husband and I spent an afternoon at her home, a colonial-era house that was moved to offshore Teel Island from New Hampshire by a previous owner. Bean is also building a new reading room near the gallery to house magazines (she loves The Hunt ) and scholarly publications.
Bean’s interest in the Wyeths began decades ago. Growing up nearby, she knew all about the
family. N.C.’s illustrations, in particu
caught her fancy. In ensuing years,
she became an N.C. scholar and collector. Her Teel Island home is packed with originals from all three generations of Wyeths.
To learn more, visit (summer season only) and
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sprING 2019
Andy’s model for many years, Helga Testorf, now occupies Eight Bells by special lifetime arrangement of the artist. He made her nude image famous in a series of paintings he did secretly over a period
of 15 years.

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